17 Best Ways To Get Real Estate Leads (Without The Stress)

When it comes to the real estate market, getting clients and earning recognition may take some time. This is mainly because people already have their lists of per-qualified realtors full with professionals who also recommend their peers making it hard to penetrate such business relationships.

The good news is that you don’t have to stay at the bottom for too long after learning a thing or two. Some agents come into the real estate business and become overnight sensations. It all depends on the strategy you’ll employ to get leads and stay on top of the ranks.

1. Take Part In And Organize Events

Organizing events that educate buyers and sellers is a great move when starting your real estate business and trying to get potential clients. Teach local homeowners on what it takes to buy a house and the best way to sell a house. In doing this you’re establishing yourself as a knowledgeable expert and clients will begin consulting you for your advice.

You can also partner with organizations that continuously come in contact with property owners to increase your chances being a known realtor. Partnering with these companies can help get your name as a guide on various real estate topics such as best possible listings according to client preference and the fundamentals of buying a house. This is one sure way of engaging with potential buyers more.

2. Build A Funnel

Building a funnel is essential to the success of your real estate business. A funnel is simply an automated process of receiving your potential clients and guiding them to make a purchase. In other words, a funnel helps you out with the complicated process that you undergo to convert prospects into loyal paying customers.

Having in place a funnel is very important in the real estate business because as a realtor you deal with smart people who take their time to do their homework identifying as many offers as possible before approaching you.

This only means that cold calling or emailing cannot do the magic. Building a funnel will help you to nurture the lead and build trust over time turning the a potential customer into a loyal customer. Another reason why you need to build a funnel is because most real estate purchases aren’t constant. A real estate purchase cycle can be done in a few hours or even months. As a realtor you need to be aware that a significant portion of your clients will not be ready to buy.

With a funnel in place, you are not working to get them to buy in an instant, you are simply trying to earn marketing rights by first collecting their contact details. Once you have their contact details, you can now market your business and keep your brand alive in their minds until you convince them to finally make a purchase.

3. Start a Blog

Being a realtor means that real estate is your passion – it is something you enjoy doing. Blogging is one of the most popular ways to connect with people who have similar interests at a personal level. To connect with current and potential home owners – you need to write on actionable topics.

These are topics that homeowners can relate to such as ‘How To Buy Your First Home’ or ‘Ten Places You Can Purchase A Retirement Home.’ This way, you receive comments and your readers may end up contacting you to get in touch with you. With time, this will make you popular and a reliable source to all buyers and sellers in the market.

Additionally, a blog is also a great way to generate a secondary income, especially if the traffic on your blog is high.

4. Get Help From Social Media Influencers

Trendsetting on the internet is not easy. It could take years for people to take notice of your brand because of the numerous real estate businesses that already exist and have built their brands over the years. To penetrate social media and get ahead of the queue, you need to make good use of social media influencers.

Social media influencers are people with social media accounts with a great number of followers and interactions in terms of likes, tags and comments. Social media influencers will help promote your product to a broad audience which you you would have otherwise not been able to reach.

In choosing the right influencers to partner with, choose to partner with influencers with the highest number of your target audience to increase your chances of getting leads.

5. Join Zillow As A Premier Agent

About 89% of new homeowners in a recently conducted research reported finding their home on the internet. This means that a huge percentage of your potential customers look for your services online. One platform that can streamline your business leads is Zillow. Almost all the people in the research used Zillow to look for their homes.

Zillow is an online platform that allows real estate agents to get more leads through the Zillow Premier Agent Program.

Here is how it works:

1. You pay a fee for branding and exposure on the site.

2. Clients are directly referred to you for contacts when they have questions on certain properties or when they would like to schedule a visit.

Zillow guarantees a ROI of 3:1 meaning that for every dollar invested you’ll generate 3 dollars as earnings. Zillow leverages on the power of exposure, and it is a powerful platform that agents can use to convert leads to sales.

Loida Velasquez recommends Zillow in her real estate tips.

6. Master Your Niche

Once you realize that real estate is your lifetime career, you should lean into it and specialize in buying and selling a specific type of property. This is what you will be known for in the industry making it easy to stand out as being unique.

    • Here are a few areas you may consider specializing in
      1. Homes linked to historical events
      2. Luxury properties
      3. Student’s residences
      4. Homes for seniors
      5. Vacation homes
      6. Farm or town houses
      7. Specific Neighborhoods

Once you settle for a specific niche within the real estate business, it will be easy for you to promote your brand and for you to get referrals. Finding your niche also helps you focus on learning your buyers’ needs and personalize your interactions with them. For example if you specialize in students residences, you’ll eventually learn what the modern day student life is and their needs making it easier to find a place that suits their needs.

7. Investing In High Quality Photography

Bad photography can work to damage your efforts of generating leads. What you may have on the ground can be a great property, but if it’s not well captured, nobody is going to give it the attention it deserves. For this reason, it is essential to invest in quality photography or buying quality equipment yourself.

You may hire the services of a professional photographer or undertake a short course in photography. An image speaks a thousand words and is the first thing that your potential client will interact with before going ahead to read about the image and most of the times no one bothers to read descriptions.

Good photos will make potential clients call you to schedule an appointment.

8. Expired Listings

The best place to look for a buyer who is desperate to jump ship is by looking at owners of an expired listing. These are people whose property has been on the market for too long, and they’re probably frustrated with their current realtors.

Target the property owners and explain to them on how you plan to bring on board new ideas with the main goal of showing that you’ll do things differently. Just be careful not to brush shoulders with their current realtors as this can work against you.

9. Get Your Clients To Recommend You

After working with your clients, always encourage them to recommend you to their peers or potential leads. As a new real estate agent, very few property owners know you.

As you get more clients, you increase your popularity. Many property owners trust recommendations from their friends. If your current client tells a friend, who is looking forward to buy a property that, ‘I have a fantastic real estate agent who helped me procure my property,’ there is a high probability that they’ll want to work with you.

Ensure that you also give out your contact information when working with your clients. This will make your name easily come to mind when someone mentions “real estate agent”

10. Establish Connections

Being connected to the right people will help you grow in the real estate sector. The right people doesn’t mean that they are only realtors or property owners. These are people from various industries that serve as a link to potential buyers and sellers.

Below are some of the people you should consider in your circle

1. Insurance brokers: Home insurance is one way to protect your home from unseen losses. Most home owners will shop for home insurance when floating their properties up for sale to make them more marketable. Insurance agents can refer you to a seller.

2. Landscapers: Property sellers call in on landscapers to beautify the property and make it more alluring to potential buyers. Getting in touch with a landscaper can be a great source of constant leads.

3. Bankers: banks can hire you for consultation services as an in house realtor, and this means that you will be interacting with potential clients building your portfolio in the process.

11. Attending A TV Or Radio Show As An Industry Expert

Statistics indicate that 75% of Americans watch Television at Prime time, and another 52% listen to the radio for an average of 1 hour every day. Attending real estate themed topics and contributing as an industry expert increases your chances of being contacted greatly. Once your brand is well known, you’ll have a wide coverage requiring you to open office branches across the nation.

12. Visit an Open House

An Open house is one good source to find many buyers. Most of them are usually there to see what the market has to offer and chances are that they don’t have a realtor. Take advantage of this and go get them as your clients.

An open house is a great place to get new buyers and at the same time market current listings that you are trying to sell. In the future, you can go ahead to host your own Open House and host all the buyers and sellers.

13. Make Use Of PPC And Analytics

Pay-Per-Click can be an expensive strategy of trying to draw potential clients to your website but it works. Ideally, you pay for people who are interested in your services to visit your web page. However, not all visitors will make inquiries or purchase your services, that’s why it’s important to have tools such as funnels in place to help make follow ups and turn them to paying customers.

Analyzing your data will also help you to identify the sources for your traffic and strategize effectively.

14. Personalize Your Services

You need to realize that each client is different and so for you to deliver excellent results you need to segment your clients. Many realtors lose their clients by treating their clients as having the same needs.

Only show potential buyers properties that suit their needs and they have an interest in buying. It is tempting to show a property to potential buyers even though it’s not what they may want. Avoid this as it will only make them frustrated and you may end up losing them. Take your time to learn and understand what your client wants before availing your options.

15. Re-Targeting

Re-targeting also known as re-marketing is a form of online marketing that keeps your brand advertised in front of bounced traffic. This is all thanks to a unique code that is placed on your website, which drops a browser cookie to a potential clients browser. This cookie will automatically generate adverts promoting your brand, at a later time. Re-targeting is important in increasing the chances of people visiting your site, leading to higher chances of securing a deal.

16. Contact Real Estate Investors

People who are looking to invest in the property market scout more than realtors. Get in touch with real estate investors by attending real estate investment forums. These are areas where you’re likely to stumble upon people looking to build or buy properties and who can be your future clients.

Investors can also put in a good word for you as they are more likely to interact with sellers.

17. Use Yelp To Get Reviews

As of 2017, Yelp reported having approximately, 140 million visitors on its website every month. This means that the probability of buyers and sellers visiting Yelp to look for a real estate agent.

Many realtors shy away from using the site because of the fear of negative reviews. However, this may never be the case when you offer an excellent service. Yelp serves as an excellent place to gain recognition, and it doesn’t take much effort for you to top the recommendation list. You can also link your Yelp Profile to your website, and this way potential clients can be redirected to you. A good source of reviews is from your past clients.

These tips guarantee an increase in sales no matter the level of your expertise. You need to put in the work and be patient enough to see results. Giving your clients a listening ear will help you gain trust and happy clients and be a top realtor in your niche within no time. A happy client means more business.

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