9 Insane Facts About ClickFunnels

If you have aspirations to grow your online business with less effort by generating leads every single day, then you should consider creating funnels using ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is a funnel creating platform designed to help you meet your marketing, selling, and lead generation needs as a business.

ClickFunnels provides users with options to build sales funnels within a few minutes using templates and easy to learn editors to market your products. Email and market automation features allow you to follow up your leads and turn potential customers into buyers.

In this article I will discuss 9 mind-blowing stats about ClickFunnels to help you grow your business.

1. Funnel Template BluePrints

ClickFunnels provides its users with 22 different types of professional sales funnel templates that can be easily tailored to meet the needs of a business. The funnels are categorized into four distinct groups:

  • Lead capture funnels
  • Sales page funnels
  • Event funnels
  • Membership funnels

Each funnel category comes with a freemium model. Users can choose free templates for the basic marketing tools and options or subscribe for the paid templates which include more advanced options. Building a funnel page doesn’t require any prior web design skills, instead, use the predesigned professional templates to build a landing page in a flash.

2. Great Visual Drag And Drop Editor

ClickFunnels allows you to customize your pages according to the needs and requirements of your business. The pages in ClickFunnels are built using sections which consist of rows and columns. Users can easily and simply choose the layout of their pages and drag and drop components in the different sections.

The ClickFunnels editor provides users with options to start a page from scratch or choose a template to start from. With templates, you can easily select components and swap them with other components as you see fit. Save time and effort using the drag and drop editor to edit existing sales templates to your preference.

3. A Variety of Page Elements

There are a lot of design elements that give you the flexibility to develop the exact page that you want. Examples of essential elements provided by ClickFunnels for your front-end includes button, input forms, and headline and video widgets. The front-end elements are essential for capturing the attention of users when they visit your sales funnels.

ClickFunnels provides advanced elements for your business needs such as surveys, progress bars, and pricing tables. The advanced elements are key in prompting users to sign up or subscribe to your newsletters. Users can customize and change the properties of almost all elements.

4. Sharing Your Funnels With Friends and Clients

One of the great things that ClickFunnels provides; easily share your ready and developed funnels with your prospective customers and associates. ClickFunnels allows you to build a funnel and share it to friends, family, and clients with a link.


There is no need to transfer files or uploading with file transfer protocol, shared funnels can be accessed by clicking the shared link and use the funnel right away.

The Share Funnel URL allows users to share their funnels from their ClickFunnels account. Other people can use your funnels by simply clicking the shared link and include the shared funnel in their accounts.

5. Tutorial and ClickFunnels Onboarding Process

Do you have zero knowledge and experience with ClickFunnels? You don’t have to worry as ClickFunnels provides an array of tutorials to jump start your journey with their service. All signed up users are taken through a 7-day challenge on-boarding process which introduces them to the learning curve. The on-boarding process consists of four games, each with different challenges to complete.

The challenges include a task and a short tutorial video explaining the steps to finish the process. While the process is optional, completed users are awarded different prizes from ClickFunnels.

6. Integration With Other Leading Digital Marketing Tools

ClickFunnels integrates with almost all popular marketing platforms. There is no need to write extra code for additional functionalities. For instance, you can integrate different 3rd Party Email Autoresponders of your choice. Examples of email autoresponder supported by ClickFunnels include Active Campaign, Weber, Constant Content, and GetReponse.

ClickFunnels can also be integrated with online payment options such as Stripe and PayPal. With this, you can process payments for your products, services, or membership sites.

7. Actionetics For Email And Marketing Automation

ClickFunnels has an automation software, Actionetics, that helps you to track the statistics of your leads when they access your sales funnel. Actionetics allows you to customize your products based on the needs of your target audience using your sales funnel. Delivering tailored products based on insights from the sales funnel is key in market automation.

Actionetics allows you to create a smart list for email automation. Smart lists automatically add or remove contacts from your list based on trigger of different set rules and actions. For instance, the addresses of bounced emails are automatically removed from your lists.

8. Replace Other Ordinary Site Building Tools

ClickFunnels can replace a variety of other site developing tools with its all in one package and tools. ClickFunnels provides integrated solutions such as shopping cart and autoresponders, which saves users a lot of effort and money.

With ClickFunnels you can replace the following: landing page software, shopping cart, membership site software, email, and message autoresponders, affiliate software, programmers, designers and more. Users who wish to 3rd party solutions can do so using integrations.

9. Large Community And Proven Results

More than 60,000 entrepreneurs and marketers use ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels boasts of a larger community of over 150,000 people. ClickFunnels users have created over a million sales funnels which generated over 50,000,000 unique leads.

The CEO and founder of ClickFunnels, Russel Brunson, was named the Entrepreneur of the Year in the 2018 American Business Awards. He developed the funnel for the best-selling author and philanthropist Tony Robbins. ClickFunnels is the solution you need to answer all of your digital marketing needs.

If you want to create beautiful high converting webpages and integrate different third-party digital marketing platforms, ClickFunnels should your one time stop. Get yourself a ClickFunnels account and create landing pages and sales pages inside funnels to market your products. With ClickFunnels you can reach a vast audience in the online community and grow as a business.

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