Can Clickfunnels Replace Your Website?

Since the introduction of Clickfunnels by Russell Brunson in 2014, the online market place hasn’t remained the same. With more than 90,000 active users within a few years after the invention, Clickfunnels is no doubt a household name among big entrepreneurs in the world.

Making a relevant online presence for your business line, product and services and converting those traffic earned into sales can be a tedious task. Before now, a website is a veritable tool in the hands of entrepreneurs who uses the online community to transact their business daily. It enhances the online physical appearance of businesses and makes possible engagement or interaction between a seller and a buyer to be a smooth process.

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With the use of a website, a business owner has the advantage of owning a specific domain name ( which will serve as an address for finding the business online. However, one of the not too good about a website is how-to-build. In most cases, a business owner with no knowledge of coding elements like HTML, Java, PHP, CSS, CMS etc can find it very difficult to build a website without the help of a developer. Apparently, business owners hire an expert to build a website for their businesses.

Having said that, Clickfunnels have an already templates known as the web editor that makes it easy for any user to build their own website pages on Clickfunnels easily and smooth with little or no knowledge of web development.

Wow! Is that not a special advantage of Clickfunnels over Website? Nevertheless, that doesn’t still give an answer to the question, Can Clickfunnels Replace Your Website? 

Well, Clickfunnels can replace your website is as correct and valid as saying all businesses can thrive and excel without marketing, advertising and sales promotion.

The question just got tougher, right? answer to this question is very simple and not complicated. The choice of a business owner will determine if Clickfunnels will replace Website or not.

This drives us to explain some of the features and drawing a comparison between these two platforms.

Based on Traffic

The number of traffic a website has generated will mostly be used as a benchmark to measure the relevance and success of the site. Notably, there are two types of traffic, they include inbound and outbound traffic.

Inbound traffic is generated when people land into your site while trying to get information on Google. This happens when your site tops the search list for that information, a click from Google transfers them to your site. When your web page is actively optimized with the use of relevant keyword phrases this can be achieved.

Outbound traffic is generated through paid adverts on search engines like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. This is achieved with the use of Google AdWords or pay per click.

A website enables a business owner to produce publishable content that can launch the business high in search engine rank which helps in generating inbound traffic. While Clickfunnels is a marketing tool that enables a business owner to focus on Return on Investment (ROI) with the conversion of paid traffic.

Without much Ado, a user or business owner will use both or either of the two based on the type of traffic they want to generate.

That being said, let’s run you through some of the similarities and effective use of the two platforms.


As mentioned earlier, with the use of the website, you have access to the use of a domain that is peculiar to your line of business. You can use your business name for your domain e.g

One of the merits of this is that it enables you to have a unique domain that helps in Search engine optimization (SEO) also it enables you to produce content that will be in alignment with your Search engine optimization strategy.

Clickfunnels allows you to share a domain name with the landing page. E.g This will put a restriction on the effective use of SEO.

However, if you are passionate about converting paid traffic, Clickfunnels is your best bet. You can generate new leads on your business while your actual domain name is being protected.

Marketing Funnel

Building a sale funnel on a website is quite difficult and almost impossible. However, that is exactly what Clickfunnels is created for. It enables you to create a sale funnel that drives visitors to make the decision of buying your product.

Another fact is that a website deals with too much of pages that interest the visitor to click on more pages. This makes it tough to convert visitors into a potential buyer. However, Clickfunnels landing pages are designed in such a way that it is brief, straight to the point and immediate call to action.

Can Clickfunnels replace a website?

The simple answer is yes, both have similarities, different strengths and weaknesses. It is just wise to make use of the two for your business growth online.

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