ClickFunnels Billing and Subscription: Full Support Article!

Here, you’ll find all the basic info you need to handle your ClickFunnels account’s support billing and subscription settings.

I’ll also add a little insider info on a ClickFunnels plan you may not know about yet.

Managing Your ClickFunnels Account Billing

Most settings for your ClickFunnels account can be found in your back office.

You’ll be able to access all your account settings by going ‘My Account’ and then navigating to the ‘Settings’ menu. To get to the billing section, you’ll click ‘Account Billing’.

That section will allow you to do several things, including updating your payment information, canceling your account or changing your subscription type.

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Canceling Your ClickFunnels Account

From the ‘Account Billing’ section, you’ll be able to control your subscription status, which includes canceling your account if you choose to do so.

Remember that this will mean losing access to the ClickFunnels and the other programs your membership allows access to, you may lose works in progress.

Changing Your ClickFunnels Plan

ClickFunnels has two different plans, their Start-Up plan, which is great for the average user, and the Enterprise plan, which is ideal for members with several different sites or very high-traffic sites.

You can change your subscription type by clicking ‘Choose Another Plan’ and adjusting it accordingly in the Billing Settings section, or by contacting ClickFunnels billing support.

Optional Funnel Hacks Account Upgrade

Aside from the two main plans ClickFunnels offers, they also offer an account upgrade that will get you access to several additional features that you can use to make your funnels more profitable.

With ClickFunnels Funnel Hacks system, you’ll get 6 months of ClickFunnels subscription with Actionetics and BackPack, a 6 week Funnel Hacks Masterclass to help you utilize all the tools it provides, Instant Traffic Hacks, Inception Secrets, and SOAP and Seinfeld Email Sequences.

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Putting Your ClickFunnels Account on Hold

For a low monthly fee, you’ll be able to put your account on hold or pause it.

It will cost you a little bit, about $10 per month, to keep your account on hold, but it’s worth it if you have any intention of using the site ever again.

While you won’t have access to ClickFunnels, it can mean that the projects you’re working on are saved and you don’t lose them. This is great if you’re just too busy to utilize your account or if you just can’t swing the full monthly fee.

To pause your account, you’ll have to contact the support team and let them know what you’d like to do. This feature used to be available right in your settings, but it’s no longer there.

Getting Help with Your Billing or Subscription Issues

ClickFunnels billing support is available from 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday.

You can get a hold of them by utilizing the support button on the website, through the app, or by emailing support directly at

They ask that you only attempt to address one issue at a time in each thread or email, so if you’ve got multiple issues, send separate messages for each.

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