Do You Need The ClickFunnels Certification Partner Program?

It’s no underground little secret that ClickFunnels is a fantastic tool for funnel building and a dream platform for online marketers.

Not only does it help you create super amazing funnels with an incredible array of features, but it also lets you to manage your affiliate marketing and your communications all in one place.

ClickFunnels also offers a Certified Partner Program that marketers undertake to become a Certified Partner.

Though the program is not cheap, most of the certified partners agree that the program is rewarding and the price is a worthy investment they would never regret making.

The ClickFunnels Program

It is a 12-week online course consisting 12 different modules to learn. Over the 12 weeks, you learn everything you need to know about being a ClickFunnels consultant, from funnel building and hacking to lead generation and sales conversion.

The topics are quite interesting, engaging, and comprehensive. Anyone with interest in online marketing can learn and master the concepts. What makes it exceptional is that it offers you a live workshop where you get to network and work with real clients.

It’s undeniable that the services of a funnel consultant are in high demand. According to ClickFunnels, funnel consulting is “the highest paying part-time job” in the world.

Many funnel consultants are charging about $2,900 at the minimum and $29,000 at the high end for their services. This means that you can recover your initial investment in no time and continue to earn big from the platform.

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Joining the partner program is going to be low cost for you when you compare it to how much money you can actually make back.

You can learn about ClickFunnels by exploring the program, you will miss out on the huge benefits that come with being a ClickFunnels Certified Partner.

Once you become a ClickFunnels certified partner, you are placed at the ClickFunnels Consultants Page which markets your skills and gives you credibility hence will help you get new, high paying clients.

You get free 12-months access to the ClickFunnels Etison Suite worth $3564, giving you unlimited access to Actionetics and BackPack. ClickFunnels also gives you clients as they cannot handle all the client requests alone.

Your status alone is a lead magnet and clients will always find you even without your efforts to reach them. Getting the ClickFunnels Certification is worth it just for this.

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Another advantage of being a Certified Partner is that you get premium support from the ClickFunnels Team through 24/7 exclusive Skype Support. ClickFunnels gives you continuing education, helping you to stay acquainted with the platform’s new ideas and features.

Marketing is innovating, and ClickFunnels is always upgrading new features. As a certified partner, you’re entitled to a monthly training session to teach you about the new features so you can make the most out of them. You also get access to some awesome share funnels.

As more and more companies employ and intensify their online marketing efforts, there will be a surge of demand for ClickFunnels experts with the knowledge on the ins and outs of funnel building. This means that there will be an ever increasing demand for your services as a ClickFunnels Certified Partner.

ClickFunnels is a gem worth every penny of your investment. Surely, there is no better time to take this course than right now. I’ve read many reviews about this programs and they all have good things to day.

Basically, if you want to start an online business building funnels so people then yes you need this! If it’s closed you can get on the waiting list.

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Are you interested in getting into ClickFunnels to either use it yourself or start making funnels for people? Check out this free live training called Funnel Hacks.

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