Clickfunnels Contact Number For Support

Clickfunnels user interface is smooth and easy to use. However, technical support or some basic enquiries can be needed at some particular point in time. Hence, there is a need for getting the quickest and fastest means of contact.

It is worthy to note that Clickfunnels provided on their website physical addresses of some of their outlets that you can just walk into to make your enquiry, lodge complaints or seek technical help.

Meanwhile, not everyone can go through the stress and hurdle of travelling just to go to any of their offices merely to seek help. And what if, Clickfunnels doesn’t even have an outlet in your location?.

So, it is important to know some other quick means through which you can easily reach Clickfunnels as at when needed. Here we have compiled a list of some strategic ways of reaching out to them easily and get a swift reply.

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Clickfunnel Customer Support

This is one of the fastest means of reaching Clickfunnels. But, it is imperative to know that the method only works for users who have an active account on the system. Before you can use Customer Support, you must first open an account on the website.

Also, you must know that Customer Support is available from Monday – Friday within the hours of 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (EST). Your complaints or enquiry must be sent within these hours, else, you would have to wait till the next day for it to be processed.

How to access Customer Support

  • Make sure you are browsing with Clickfunnels account
  • Locate the Help menu and click on Get Help

Clickfunnels Support Contact

  • Type your questions in the available box provided, then click Continue
  • A portion of recommended help will pop up. If that doesn’t provide the necessary help that you need, click on I still Need Help

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  • Kindly select the exact area you need help from the options provided, click on Submit Now

Join Facebook Group

Clickfunnels has an active Facebook group that is quite engaging. There is always someone on the Facebook group that is ready to give quick and accurate answers to every question asked.

If you are still not satisfied with the answers you got from Customer Support, a better place to look for an answer is the Facebook group.

Funnily, you don’t have to do much before you can access the Facebook group, just locate the Official Facebook group on the website. It will automatically direct you to the Facebook group where you will be asked to join. Click on join and you have the floor to ask any question and get a reply almost immediately.

Live Chat

Just in case you are still not satisfied with all the responses you have gotten so far, Clickfunnels has a forum for live chat.

You can locate that below the Help tab. Click on Join Conversation, you will have access to the chat forum where you can ask your questions and get desired responses.

Seek Help From An Expert

Conclusively, if after using all these methods aforementioned and you are still not satisfied with the responses gotten so far, the Customer Support is most likely to direct you to an expert. Clickfunnels have a series of experts that are saddled with the responsibility of helping people solve some of their advanced technical problems and giving the most appropriate answers to all questions pertaining to Clickfunnels. So, help from an expert would save the day and make you have a smooth user experience.

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