Dan Henry And His Story!

Ever wonder how people like Dan Henry come out of nowhere and make $2 million dollars online like it’s nothing?

Well, it starts with a simple process.

Let me explain.

It all starts with one thing and that one thing is usually a book called DotComSecrets.

Dan got his hands on this book and it changed everything.

He was teaching people how to do Facebooks ads and run social media agencies.

The book literally teaches you how to do all this.

Dan sold his course via ClickFunnels using a webinar. A webinar is a 90 minute presentation with a pitch at the end to sell a product.

Like infomercials, but online.

Dan went from dead broke to making a million dollars in 6 months. I also like Akbar Sheikh who was homeless then joined the 2 Comma Club.

You can hear about it all in this interview.

No one knows if Dan Henry still runs Facebook Ads for local businesses like he teaches, but I doubt he still does that since he makes so much from selling his course.

His course Facebook Ads For Entrepreneurs is sold using a webinar share funnel on the ClickFunnels platform.

Are you looking to start a profitable funnel?

If you are then I recommend you check out the Funnel Hacks training. You see, ClickFunnels is turning people into million and most of them started but reading a book or watching a training session from Russell Brunson.

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