ClickFunnels For Real Estate

ClickFunnels is truly an incredible marketing tool. Marketers use it everyday to sale pretty much anything you can imagine, from physical objects like real estate to digital products like online courses.  What ClickFunnels basically does is that it helps you create what is called a sales funnel. A sales or purchase funnel is a consumer focused marketing model which identifies and follows a potential customer’s mindset from being interested in the product to actually purchasing it.

In this article we’ll be discussing how you can use ClickFunnels to scale your client business in real estate.

How ClickFunnels Can Help You Sell Real Estate

We live in a digital era. People like to see things online before making actual decisions about purchasing them. If you’re running a real estate business, chances are you already have a website or are at least thinking about building one.

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The thing about websites is that it’s quite easy to build one or hire someone to build it for it. But they only serves their purpose if there are people actually visiting and making positive decisions off of them. This is where ClickFunnels can help you up your game by increasing traffic and consequently sales on your website.

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ClickFunnels To Build Your Website

ClickFunnels is not only a funnel building tool, it is also a great web building tool. The process is very intuitive. With simple drag-and-drop actions, you can start building your own website in minutes without any hard programming knowledge. And the designs will have a sales funnel integrated into them.

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Converting Visitors Into Leads With ClickFunnels

Any good realtor knows that one of the most important skills in the real estate business is recognizing leads. Since real estate is a high value purchase, not every visitor can be expected to be a potential client. So it is necessary to recognize someone who might actually be interested as early as possible. This is where ClickFunnels can be incredibly helpful.

When a potential lead first enters your website as a visitor, the first thing ClickFunnels guarantees is that they don’t feel lost at any point. It will guide them through the entire process, and help them navigate through the pages and sections leading to the exact type of real estate they’re looking for. Then based on various factors ClickFunnels can help you identify them as a lead. And it will even help you follow up on those leads, even after they have left your page.

Capturing Leads With ClickFunnels

Once you have leads, there are a few crucial steps to converting them into clients.  Response time is a huge deal. If you take too long to respond to a potential lead, they could lose their interest. Once again, ClickFunnels can help ! ClickFunnels lets you create autoresponders, which both reduces the response time and also automates the process.

Also ClickFunnels offers a number of plugins and software that can help capture leads. For instance, it can help you convert leads into customer using what is called multi-dimensional marketing. This lets you send targeted messages to potential clients via social media, email, text or desktop notifications. This is just one example of what ClickFunnels can offer you.


ClickFunnels will help you dramatically grow your real estate business.

If you have a real estate business that you’d like to put online, this is the all-inclusive tool for you. ClickFunnels can help you build an impressive and intuitive website inside of a sales funnel, that will not only put your business online, but actually help it grow as you intended.

Want to know if ClickFunnels with integrate with your favourite program? Read out big integration list here.

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