What’s The Best ClickFunnels Price In 2019?

Initially, ClickFunnels had three different packages.

Personal, Startup, and Enterprise.

The three plans differed in the number of funnels you could create and the amount of traffic you could send to those funnels.

However, ClickFunnels got rid of the Personal package due to the high number of subscribers who would sign up and cancel the plan shortly after.

At the moment, there are two ClickFunnels Pricing Plans available in 2018.

Starter Account (Basic)

The pricing for this plan is $97 per month.

With this package, you will have the ability to create 20 funnels over 100 pages.

You also get traffic of up to 20,000 visitors per month and 3 custom domains.

This package is good for a beginner or a small business that does not have lots of products and funnels to promote.

Enterprise Account (Etison Suite)

The pricing for this package is $297 per month. With this plan, you can create as many funnels as you can over an unlimited number of pages.

You get unlimited traffic to the funnels and unlimited custom domains.

You also get priority support and priority template requests.

This plan is good for large companies or small businesses that intend to build more and more active funnels. Unlike the Startup package, Etison Suite also comes with Actionetics and Backpack.

Actionetics enables you to do multiple things all within the confines of your sales funnel system.

It gives you access to privileged features including contact list segmentation, email broadcasts, ActionScore lead scoring (RFMS), Marketing automation sequences, unique social contact profiles, lead scoring, mobile responsive emails, and email performance tracking.

These tools can really benefit online entrepreneurs and help them boost their sales.

ClickFunnels Backpack gives you one central traffic control point for your affiliate program.

With Backpack, you get unlimited affiliates, affiliate tracking, multiple tier commissions, and affiliate clicks.

It also tracks clicks, impressions, and conversions.

Once you sign up, ClickFunnels gives you 14 days to try out the platform with their 14-day free trial offer.

Once you’ve tried it, you can then choose either the $97 per month or the $297 per month package.

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Funnel Hacks Upgrade

So what is Funnel Hacks you might be asking…

If you want the full upgrade to ClickFunnels you can get it by upgrading to Funnel Hacks.

This is the price list.

what is funnel hacks

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So What Is Clickfunnels And How Does It Benefit You?

ClickFunnels is an online sales funnel builder which helps marketers and businesses to market and deliver their products and services online.

Any marketer or company looking to get their message in the marketplace and increase their sales should consider using ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels has over 50,000 active users, and statistics show that their sales funnels do over $1 billion every year.

The platform can accommodate any industry, any vertical and any niche. It allows you to easily customize and optimize sales funnels hence enabling you to convert effectively and improve your business.

ClickFunnels is so simple to use that anyone on your team can work with it.

Once you sign up, you get 6 share funnel templates, but you can customize them to your preference.

Some of the core templates you get include best seller book funnel, product launch funnel, the real stuff funnel, perfect webinar funnel, network marketing bridge funnel, and fishbowl funnel. If the six don’t fit your needs, you can also create a custom funnel.

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Is Clickfunnels Worth The Price?

Yes, ClickFunnels is worth the price and you will realize the returns on your investment in a very short time.

Some people think that the price is a bit high, but given the features and tools that ClickFunnels provides, you will realize that the price is not as high.

Initially, users would pay for each service and tool separately which would be very expensive.

Website hosting, landing page software, split testing software, email auto-responder software, affiliate tracking software, and many more, all amounted to a very high fee.

However, with the Etison suite, you get all the tools and features at a single price which helps to save over $1000 per month.

Several ClickFunnels alternatives can do one or a few of the things that ClickFunnels does quite well.

Instapage is a good option if you need a cloud-hosted drag and drop landing page visual editor.

Teachable is good if you’re looking for a much robust membership site solution.

However, no other platform offers all the things and the price that ClickFunnels offers.

ClickFunnels provides a reliable and easy to use all in one marketing platform that can manage all your sales funnels, membership sites, autoresponder messages, affiliates, and more.

Other factors that make ClickFunnels worth the price include:

Split testing capabilities: As a marketer, split testing is very important for your marketing efforts.

ClickFunnels limits your access to some funnels and pages depending on your account, it gives you full split testing capabilities.

Other programs such as Leadpages do not give you split testing capabilities in their startup package.

The page editor: The page editor is crucial when it comes to conversions. It helps you to make the necessary changes based on the data you obtain from split tests. Some programs limit you in regard to the editing page elements and structure.

They argue that giving people too much liberty simply makes them mess it up. ClickFunnels does not limit you but instead gives you multiple customization options to create a landing page without any constraints.

Technical support: For any online software, it’s always good to consider technical support when choosing the software or the package that you want. The constant updates and new features require you to have someone to explain and show you how they work so you can take advantage of them.

ClickFunnels gives priority support and priority template requests to the Enterprise plan subscribers hence the higher price, and the Startup account holders get great email support.

Affiliate programs: One of the best ways to make a passive income as a marketer is through affiliate programs. There are many people making most of their income as affiliates.

ClickFunnels has one of the best affiliate programs. Once you sign up on ClickFunnels, you get 40% lifetime recurring affiliate commissions for every sale you bring.

What makes it better than other programs is that you don’t need to have an Enterprise account to get the commission as even those with the Startup account get 40%.

Integration with third-party applications: ClickFunnels offers an incredible list of integrations to help you in your marketing efforts.

For emails you can integrate with various companies such as ConvertKit, Interspire, MailChimp, Infusionsoft and many more.

For payments, you can integrate with ClickBank, WarriorPlus, PayPal, Stripe, OntraPort, BackPackCRM, and Infusionsoft.

Additional features: ClickFunnels offers several other features that are not categorized but are useful for marketers. Some of these include:

  • Digital Asset Delivery – This tool enables you to upload lead magnets directly into your account whereby you set conditions within each funnel for your asset to be automatically delivered to your new lead.
  • Drag and Drop Pages – ClickFunnels has an easy drag and drop editor that enables you to move pages into different positions within your funnel.
  • Funnel Sharing – ClickFunnels offers a unique feature which is literally an industry-changing feature. It allows you to import a completed or incomplete funnel into your account from another members account. This feature saves you time, and all you do is optimize the funnels.

Can You Get A Better Deal On Clickfunnels Pricing?

The standard price for the Startup package is $97 per month while the Etison Suite is $297 per month.

You can get a better deal that will enable you to enjoy the software at a lower price.

Rusell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels, usually has an auto webinar which runs every hour, every day. All you need to do to enter the webinar is leave your email address to secure your spot and you’ll receive an alert before it begins.

During the webinar, Russell makes an incredible offer whereby you can get the Etison Suite for free for 6 months and ClickFunnels the entire year all for $997. You can also get the sandwich offer of 12 months of the Etison Suite for $1997 which is better than the usual $3,600 you would pay with the monthly plan.

Final Take On The Clickfunnels Pricing Plans

I’m confident that you’ve come to the same conclusion as the thousands of people using ClickFunnels.

The platform is worth the price and once you sign up and get to use the features it offers, you will realize that the price is a bargain.

The biggest advantage ClickFunnels has over other big names in the online marketing space like HubSpot, LeadPages and Unbounce is that ClickFunnels offers everything you need in one platform.

Are you interested in watching Russells webinar? You can get access below!

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