7 Awesome Share Funnels For ClickFunnel Users

Ah ClickFunnels....

The platform that turned every day people Into millionaires.

Over the last 2 year's, I've been playing with funnels and nothing comes close to what ClickFunnels can do.

One of my businesses just hit a million dollars because I implemented a sales funnel. 

The Dotcom Secrets book also helped me a lot.

Now, the best thing about becoming a ClickFunnels user is getting access to the share funnels.

These high converting funnels will give you the online marketing edge you need. The power to conquer that 2 Comma Club award!

No other software has this feature, you can share funnels with a friend! 

This makes it really easy to send over those webinar funnels if you manage to create a high converting webinar that make you a great amount of sales.

We have a great community ready to share so let's get to it! You can get the templates installed with a click of a button.

I'm going to recommend some funnels that will increase your profits.

If you don't have an account just click the buttons and you can get your 14 day free trail. I'll even throw in some bonuses if you do!

Extreme eCommerce Funnel

Ok this funnel is crazy! You can make some serious cash with this one. 

If you run a Shopify store then download this and connect it up, build the funnel the start generating more sales.

If you don't do drop shipping or eCommerce then you should because these are some results from my students

Clean And Quick Order Funnel

Got a product and you want a super quick 2-step order form?

This is the temple you want to get!

Nice and simple ti use and set up for quick sales.

Schedule A Call Realestate Template

So this one is really cool!

If you run a social media agency and have real estate clients this is a must. You can collect a lead then schedule a call.

If you actually sell houses yourself then this is something you would need to grab a as well.

Check it out, this is a great simple local led generation funnel template. 

Local Dental High Ticket Lead Share Funnel

So, you want to get local dental clinics to pay you money?

They pay you to run ads for them and get them clients. You can use this template to do exactly that. 

Download this dental ClickFunnels share funnel if you want to convert high paying clinics.

The Million Dollar Book Funnel

This one of the best funnel online today.

Russell Brunson used a similar one to sell million online. Well actually, this is it but in the basic form.

It is his platform after all.

So if you have a book, maybe your and author or want to sell a book cheap to bring in leads then this is the one you need.

The Fit Fitness Sale Funnel

This one has some good up sells and down sells.

Got a fitness product you want to sell? This is for you!

Affiliate Marketing Share Funnel

If you do affiliate marketing then you know its hard to direct market to an affiliate link.

This bridge page template if perfect for directing paid traffic or organic to the offer.

There we have it top 7 template you can upload into ClickFunnels account with a click of a button.

Don't have an account? Well, I have a special offer for you called Funnel Hacks and this deal is pretty tasty!

  • Updated March 29, 2019
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