ClickFunnels vs BuilderAll: I Like Them Both… But Which One Is The Best?

As businesses become more competitive, firms are looking for different ways to gain an advantage over their rivals. Many entrepreneurs have realized the vast potential of the digital space and are turning to digital marketing tools to reap the benefits of eCommerce.

Sales funnels are one tool that online shops can use to meet their online goals. There are so many sales funnels such that picking one for your campaign can be difficult. This review of ClickFunnels and BuilderAll should help you choose the right sales funnel for you.

Sales Funnel Explained

A sales funnel comprises steps along the customer journey that help convert prospects to customers. As people interact with your advertisements, there is a long way to go before they finally decide to pay for your products and services.

A sales funnel helps make this process a simple one by guiding them through a series of actions to follow. This simplification of their shopping experience makes the customer happy, which is a valuable asset for the business.

Steps In A Sales Funnel

1. You generate a lead, and prospects visit your landing page for the first time

2. In the landing page, you have a tempting offer for new visitors that makes them sign up to your email list

3. Craft an engaging sales email and send it to the potential customer in your email list

4. The prospect opens the email, and you convince them to buy your products

5. You interact with the customer more frequently, which leads to recurring sales.

What Is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a tool that is transforming the digital marketing industry. In previous years, people needed to be knowledgeable in coding or hire an expert to build a sales funnel. ClickFunnels made sales funnels available for everyone.

With ClickFunnels, you can simplify your customer journey using simple, customizable, and affordable sales funnels with many integrations. The ClickFunnels platform offers different packages for you to select the right one for you.

How ClickFunnels Work

ClickFunnels allows online stores to run their eCommerce business in one place. You can access email autoresponder, landing pages, online shops, payment integrations, and website hosting from your ClickFunnels account. This all-in-one access allows you to run a quick, up-to-date, and affordable eCommerce shop.

According to the founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson, many online businesses struggle to reach their goals, especially in their first two years. Their struggles are because of concentrating on the wrong strategy. They focus on selling products or services rather than creating an irresistible offer.

ClickFunnels allows you to create a compelling proposal that turns prospects into paying customers.

Features Of ClickFunnels

1. Sales Funnel Templates

If you are not a web developer and you still want to take advantage of sales funnels, ClickFunnels is for you. ClickFunnels provides 22 models developed after an analysis of customer behavior and attitudes.

The templates come in four categories that make their selection easy. You can choose templates in sales funnels, lead funnels, event funnels, and membership funnels. Click on the reloaded funnel that you prefer and select a model.

2. Drag And Drop Editor 

if you are not happy with the templates that ClickFunnels provide, you can create one. It is simple, and you do not have to have coding knowledge. Create different pages, editing templates, design, and redesign as you build your sales funnel with ClickFunnels. A/B testing allows you to try out options before settling on the right sales funnel.

3. Page Elements 

You can customize any sales funnel design to meet your requirements. Page elements allow you to improve the user experience of your prospects. You access essential components, such as images, buttons, headlines, and video widgets.

4. Tutorials 

ClickFunnels provides new customers with videos showing them how to become pros in funnel building. You access tutorials that show you how to get the most out of ClickFunnels. There are also videos from ClickFunnels’ founder, Russell Brunson, a marketer.

Russell began his career as a marketing professional. He understands the challenges facing other sellers and tries showing them how they can address their struggles with ClickFunnels.

5. Integrations 

There are many tools that marketers use to gain an edge in the competitive eCommerce environment. You have been using some of them, and they have been beneficial to you. ClickFunnels allows you to connect these tools with your ClickFunnels account.

Integrate your ClickFunnels account with Shopify, Facebook, PayPal, and Aweber, among other integrations. Connecting them allows you to manage them efficiently, import data, and improve user experience.

6. Share Your Funnels 

ClickFunnels allows you to share your sales funnels to other people. From your setting on the homepage of the sales funnel, you will get the option of sharing funnel URLs. You can send this URL to the people you choose.

Distributing the funnel URL allows more people to come into contact with your sales funnel, which can mean more sales.

Cost Of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is relatively affordable, considering its potential return on investment. They offer two packages for you to choose from now, and their website claims a third package is coming soon. These bundles have varying capabilities and features.

ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial. This access allows you to check out what you can do with ClickFunnels and its potential benefits. Upgrade to a paid plan when the period elapses or choose not to continue using the platform.

ClickFunnels Startup costs $97 a month and offers several benefits and capabilities. You can share the funnel, build up to 20 funnels, build up to 100 pages for each of them, and connect to 3 payment gateways. Subscribers may also connect their account with up to 3 domains, get funnel support and access the Funnel Hacker Platform. This option does not allow you to take part in the weekly peer review hackathons or to reconnect with your audience after they leave your funnel.

ClickFunnels Platinum costs $297 a month and has more capabilities and features than the ClickFunnels Startup option. It allows you to share your funnels, build unlimited funnels, create limitless pages for each funnel, and integrate it with nine payment gateways.

You can also connect it with nine domains, reconnect with customers after they leave your ClickFunnels, take part in weekly peer review hackathons, and get extra training hours. Other options are Funnel Hacks (costs $997 for six months) and Funnel Hacks One year (goes for $1997 for a year).

What Is BuilderAll?

Created by Erick Salgado, BuilderAll is a platform that claims to provide an all-in-one digital marketing solutions to its clients. It offers several marketing tools in one place at an affordable price. BuilderAll has had many releases with one of the latest was in July of this year.  The platform has three main pieces:

  • The Canvas Funnel Builder – allows you to create your sales funnel by rearranging page elements.
  • The Pixel Perfect Builder – allows users to build landing pages and websites without coding skills.
  • Mailing Boss – a standalone autoresponder service for your emails

BuilderAll has 27 other tools, which include Templates that cater for a wide variety of niches, design tools, e-learning app, webinar platform, Facebook chatbot integration, social proof and script generation tools among many others which makes it among the leaders of this type of platform.

How BuilderAll Works

BuilderAll provides users with the tools they need to succeed as freelancers, sellers online, or marketers. The platform offers many marketing tools in one place at a lower rate than they would cost separately. Users can take advantage of this cheaper cost to work towards their dreams while using minimum resources.

BuilderAll offers users excellent commissions through its affiliate marketing program. This program allows you to make some extra money while using the tools provided to meet your digital marketing goals.

Features Of BuilderAll

1. Heat Mapping, Analytics, And Split Testing

BuilderAll allows you to test your sites, landing pages, and funnel designs. Choose options with better results. Click Map enables you to see areas that your audience clicks on each page as they navigate your site.

The platform integrates Google Analytics, which helps you monitor your audience and their behavior while engaging your touchpoints.

2. Integrations 

BuilderAll allows you to connect your account with other platforms. You can integrate BuilderAll with PayPal, Shopify, Aweber, and Cloudinary. These connections will enable you to take advantage of different platforms to meet your goals.

3. Extensive Support 

BuilderAll has many options for help in case you encounter difficulties. The platform has over 400 videos of training on how to best use the platform. Quick Start allows new users to familiarize themselves with the program.

BuilderAll Facebook page allows users to connect with other users, share ideas, ask questions, and learn from the community. BuilderAll also has a support team waiting to assist you with any issue.

4. Drag and Drop Website Builder

BuilderAll offers an intuitive drag and drop website builder that enables you to have full control over how your site looks on mobile, PC and tablet. In addition to this, BuilderAll ensures your site is responsive across all platforms. The drag and drop feature saves you time that would have been spent designing your website’s appearance and optimizing it for each device.

Cost Of BuilderAll

BuilderAll comes in three packages with different pricing and features. It offers a 7-day free trial which helps you know whether it is a good fit.

  • Web Presence costs $9.90 a month. It gives you access to Web Builders, hosting, support, templates, and other basic features.
  • Digital Marketing costs $29.90 every month. It grants you access to BuilderAll apps, SSL certificates for your sites, unlimited use of the Mail Boss, and other benefits.
  • BuilderAll Business costs $49.90 a month. It provides all the tools eCommerce businesses need to start and succeed in their online operations. This package includes all affiliate and eCommerce marketing features, a streaming platform, webinars, CDN hosting, and many more.

Final Thoughts

Picking one sales funnel service provider between ClickFunnels and BuilderAll may be challenging. It would help if you consider your business needs first before settling on the right one for you.

Each program offers unique benefits that your business may need. You will succeed regardless of your choice if you optimize each program the right way to work for your business. Sales funnels are necessary if you want to improve your user experience and attain your eCommerce goals.

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