ClickFunnels vs Convertri: Which One’s Best For You?

Whether you are targeting to grow your online business or increase your revenue, making sales and generating leads are some of the goals you need to achieve. Having excellent customer satisfaction rates boosts your chance of meeting your online goals. A simple and proven way you can make your buyers happy is through the use of sales funnels.

There are many programs that you can use to create your sales funnels. For any entrepreneur that is starting out in their business, making a decision on which sales funnel builder to use can be challenging. This review of ClickFunnels and Convertri should help you settle on the right program to use in building your sales funnels.

Sales Funnels Explained

A sales funnel is a series of steps that your leads follow until the customers. Sales funnels take your visitors through a few web pages where they complete actions. Each action completed on one page leads to the next one. For example, on one page, they check out your products, place an order on the next one, and make payments on another webpage. The last one confirms their order and appreciates them. You may customize your sales funnel to meet your needs.

Stages Of A Sales Funnel

Customers will normally follow the following steps after you set up your funnel:

  1. An ad or referral leads an individual to your landing page
  2. An appealing offer or discount urges them to sign up for your email directory
  3. You send enticing emails to convince the individual to buy your products
  4. The prospect reads your email, and it convinces them to purchase your goods
  5. A link on the email takes them to a shopping cart, and once they select their products, they proceed to the payment section, and you confirm their order upon payment
  6. Subsequent interactions via email lead to more purchases.

What is ClickFunnels?

With an annual turnover of above $100 million, ClickFunnels is a leading program that digital entrepreneurs use to develop sales funnels. Russell Brunson began ClickFunnels to help marketers like you sell their products effectively and reliably. You can create sales funnels in ClickFunnels via simple and straightforward steps. These funnels help you improve your customer experience and increase sales.

ClickFunnels provides users with templates they can use for their sales funnels. You may also customize yours quickly. Integrations with platforms like Shopify and Aweber enables you to run effective online campaigns from one place. Track your performance using analytics to know whether you are attaining the results you desire.

How ClickFunnels Works

Create your sales funnels using ClickFunnels. You can use the templates they provide or customize one. The simple drag and drop capability simplifies modification. Test your designs using A/B testing to settle on the one that gives you the best chance of succeeding.

Launch your sales funnels, and customers will use them when seeking your products. Analytics allows you to measure your performance and improve your methods. Try ClickFunnels 14-day free trial before opting for one of its paid packages.

Features Of ClickFunnels

1. Sales Funnels 

ClickFunnels allows you to create sales funnels. You do not have to have coding knowledge or hire coders. Follow its simple steps, and you will have your sales funnel up in no time. ClickFunnels provides several templates for you to pick one.

If you are not happy with these samples, you are free to develop one that meets your requirements. You can modify the headlines, images, and buttons as you need.

2. Integration

You can integrate your ClickFunnels account with other platforms. The connection is simple, and there are many materials available that should help you through the process. You can link your ClickFunnels with Facebook, PayPal, and Shopify, among other platforms.

These integrations help you manage your accounts while improving the experience of your customers. They can complete actions without leaving your sales funnel.

3. A/B Testing

As you develop your sales funnels in ClickFunnels, you can never be sure of how the market will react to them. A/B testing can help you get an impression of how your target customers will respond to your campaign.

A/B testing allows you to compare your headlines and layout directly. Choose the alternative that gives you the best chance of meeting your goals. If both options do not appear likely to yield the expected results, you can modify them until you are happy with the possible outcomes.

4. Support

If you fear to check out ClickFunnels because you are not familiar with it, its support should help you adapt quickly. There are several learning in materials, communities, and standby professionals to help you get value for money.

The trial version familiarity you with the benefits and features if ClickFunnels before you subscribe to the paid plans. You will also receive the help you need along the way to reap from ClickFunnels.

5. Actionetics

Communicating offers to your prospect is one of the most crucial processes in online marketing. ClickFunnels comes with its email marketing service. Actionetics allows you to gather email addresses of your customers, create email directories, and send automated or broadcasted messages.

If you have another autoresponder provider, you can integrate it with your sales funnels in ClickFunnels. You do not have to use actionetics. However, you can use it as it comes with your package.

Pricing Options For ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels comes with a 14-day free trial. Upon the lapse of the free period, you can upgrade to any of their two plans. The distinguishing features between the two are the number of sales funnels and landing pages you get.

1. Startup – costs $97 per month, has 20 funnels, each with a maximum of 100 landing pages, A/B testing, and 20,000 landing page traffic. You cannot reconnect with prospects that leave your funnels.

2. Etison Suite – costs $297 per month, include an unlimited quantity of funnels with unlimited landing pages, A/B split test, and unlimited landing page visitors. You can reconnect with customers after they leave your funnels.

Other bundles are Funnel Hacks ($997 for half a year), and Funnel Hacks One year ($1997 annually).

What Is Convertri?

Neil Murton and Andrew Fletcher developed Convertri to help digital marketers build sales funnels that simplify processes for buyers. The program enables users to create reliable sales funnels quickly.

The official site claims to provide sales funnels that load fast. Customers are impatient, and loading speed of more than 3 seconds often leads to high bounce rates. Convertri sales funnels load faster than this speed.

Convertri also provides you with everything you need to build the sales funnels that meet your requirements. They host your pages and allow you to modify your shopping cart as per your needs.

How Convertri Works

Users of Convertri can build sales funnels quickly. You do not have to be knowledgeable about coding, just follow the simple steps, and you will have your sales funnels. Customize the flexible page elements to suit your requirements.

Leverage the services that Convertri offers to ensure your sales funnels boost your conversion. Analytics tell you what is working. The built-in shopping cart allows you to sell your products conveniently.

Integrations help you manage your campaigns and improves the processes involving customers.

Convertri’s Main Features 

1. Responsive Design

Convertri recognizes that a significant number of your customers shop using their phones. Your sales funnels need to be sensitive to the many screens your customers may use to purchase your products.

Convertri automatically resizes your pages to be flexible for various users. Choose the elements the mobile version of your page should show. Convertri optimizes your pop-ups, buttons, and headers for mobile phones.

2. Flexible Page Editor

You are free to customize your pages as you prefer. Convertri provides a flexible editor that allows you to change headers, buttons, and your presentation to meet your needs. You can integrate your account with various programs and support them in your sales funnels.

You can add the icons of your integrations, such as Facebook, on your page layout.

3. Convertri Integrations

You can link your Convertri account with several programs. Connect your Convertri with Aweber, Zapier, and your payment processing software. These connections can have many benefits for your business.

Integrations simplify management and make it easy for your customers to complete various actions. There are many tutorials and other learning materials that should help you connect your Convertri with other programs.

4. Integrated Shopping Cart

Convertri comes with an integrated shopping cart that includes bump sells, one-click upsells, subscriptions, and many more. You can share your funnels with your family, friends, and customers.

Distributing your links increases your reach, which improves your chances of making sales. Bump sales involve an only once offer that seeks to increase your turnover.

Pricing Plans for Convertri

Convertri has three pricing plans. Take advantage of the 14-day free trial to experience Convertri’s features before deciding to pay fully for the program.

1. Standard Plan – costs $59 per month, supports 50 funnels, and 500 fast landing pages. It comes with over 45 templates and includes A/B testing, SSL, and custom domains. You also can have up to 25,000 impressions in a month.

2. The Pro Plan – costs $59 per month and supports 250 funnels with about 2500 fast landing pages. You have access to over 200 templates, page importer, SSL, A/B split test, and custom domains.

3. The Agency Plan – costs $199 per month and delivers 1000 funnels with 10,000 fast landing pages. You can create 400,000 impressions monthly, access over 200 templates, SSL, custom domains, and A/B split test. Users receive 25 sub-accounts.

Final Thoughts

Making a final decision between settling on Convertri or ClickFunnels should rely on your needs and goals. Regardless of your choice, if you employ the right strategies, any of these programs should help you attain your business goals.

To make an informed choice, take some time and evaluate the features and capabilities of each program then settle on the one that gives you the best chance of meeting your targets.

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