ClickFunnels vs Kajabi: Best Sales Funnel Builder in 2020

Automation in business is a significant cost reduction factor. It will help you save on time, set-up and operational expenses. Sales funnels provide automation features and tools for online businesses.

Kajabi and ClickFunnels help stores build high performing funnels, but they are meant for different types of shop owners. Let’s explore what they have to offer and their various price categories to know which one works best for you.


ClickFunnels is a digital tool that helps online shop owners to create high converting funnels. It is a very efficient and effective tool in terms of saving on cost and delivering high converting tools. It is packed with various features oriented towards generating leads, converting leads, and scaling businesses.

How ClickFunnels Works

Shop owners use ClickFunnels to build funnels using templates. The platform provides funnel templates they have tested and selected for high lead conversion. You can easily get a funnel up and running in a few minutes.

There is no need to hire a coding expert. You will need to drag and drop the elements you wish to add to your funnel.elements like color, logo, themes and other features are customizable to personalize your sales funnel. ClickFunnels lets you influence your customer’s sales funnel journey to the product or service you offer.

ClickFunnels Main Features

1. Automation Tools

One of the major advantages of ClickFunnels is that your funnel can run automatically in your absence. The tools will automatically collect leads and reach out to them using automated email and text messages. Moreover, you can set various criteria that the tools will use to segment the leads you collect.

2. Affiliate Programs 

The affiliate program on ClickFunnels is called the BackPack program. You set up a BackPack program for your funnel or online store. Customers who enroll in this program will help you promote and sell your products. They will earn a percentage commission for every sale or lead they generate.

3. Integrate Payment Gateways

In the sales funnel process, there is a customer action stage. Your online business needs to integrate various payment gateways for your customers. ClickFunnels lets you integrate some of the most popular and highly used payment gateways. Examples include PayPal, Stripe, WarriorPlus, ClickBank, and more.

4. Share Funnel

ClickFunnels also lets you share your own funnel templates with friends, family and business counterparts. You will send them the funnel’s URL, which they will use to access the funnel. However, they have registered for a Share Funnel account on ClickFunnels to be able to access the funnels you have shared with them. Moreover, they will only access the features available on the funnel if they enroll using this plan.

5. FunnelFlix Tutorials

ClickFunnels has a collection of video tutorials on how to set up and run efficient and high converting sales funnels. ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels team have created these steps to thoroughly guide you through every step. Furthermore, there are incentives to encourage you to watch these videos.

6. A/B Testing 

Since you get to set up multiple funnels, ClickFunnels provides A/B testing to help you determine which funnel has a better chance at generating more leads and converting them into customers at a higher rate. This feature lets you compare the performance of up to 5 funnels in one test.

7. Different Types Of Funnels

You can create different types of funnels for various purposes. ClickFunnels lets you set up the following funnels:

  • A Leads Funnel — This funnel will host landing pages that focus on generating leads.
  • A sales Funnel — This funnel has landing pages that will lead customers to sales.
  • An event Funnel — An event funnel guides your customers to events your business is hosting, for example, webinars.
  • Other Funnels — Other funnels include a cancellation funnel which follows up on abandoned carts, and a Video sales funnel which uses videos to promote and sell products, and more.

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels offers three major price tiers. They are:

1. Starter Pack

The starter pack on ClickFunnels is the basic price package. It limits you to create 100 landing pages, 20 funnels, sustain a maximum of 20,000 visitors and host three domains. You will part with $97 per month to access this package.

2. Platinum Pack

The Platinum pack offers premium features that include access to the BackPack program, FunnelFlix, and actionetics, which is ClickFunnel’s autoresponder. Moreover, you will get to establish an unlimited number of funnels, host an unlimited number of visitors, and build an unlimited number of landing pages.

This plan is best for established shop owners who want to access all the Features available on ClickFunnels. You will part with a monthly fee of $297 for this plan.

3. Share Your Funnel Pack

This plan is for those who want to access funnels shared via URL. It is the cheapest plan as you will only access the features shared with you. You pay a monthly charge of $19 for this plan.

All of ClickFunnels plans start with a 14-day trial.


Kajabi is a digital tool you will use to build membership sites and courses. Thus course creators and digital educators can rely on Kajabi to meet their needs. This is the main difference between ClickFunnels and Kajabi as ClickFunnels build funnels while Kajabi builds courses.

How Kajabi Works

Kajabi provides a system for creating the courses and marketing them. You will be able to collect customer information through its inbuilt CRM. Kajabi will help you classify your clients, create and deliver automated email messages. Moreover, the entire sales process is automated, as well.

Kajabi’s Main Features

1. Built-in CRM

Kajabi’s CRM will help you manage and automate your marketing and sales processes. You will create custom messages and automate them based on customer action and progression through the online course.

2. Online Course Builder 

You can create your course and rely on Kajabi to facilitate effective modern tools like videos and articles. Moreover, you can set the course sale for either a one-time fee or a membership fee that comes at intervals.

With Kajabi Online Course Builder, you can build either a:

  • Mini-course
  • Online training
  • Online course.

3. Pipelines To Create Marketing Campaigns And Funnels

The Pipeline feature in Kajabi is similar to ClickFunnels. It lets you initiate and run marketing campaigns and funnels to guide people to your digital store. It also features pre-written emails to target your customers.

Kajabi Pricing Plans

Kajabi offers its services in three main pricing plans that include Basic, Growth, and Pro Plan. The pricing plan you choose depends on your budget and features you wish to have access to.

1. Basic Plan

The basic plan limits you to 5 digital products, on an administrator account, 25 landing pages, one site, 25,000 emails each month, and 1000 members. Kajabi charges a monthly fee of $119 for this plan.

2. Growth Plan

You can sell 100 digital products, create 100 landing pages, 75,000 emails, five administrator accounts, and access to the affiliate program. Kajabi lists this package for $159 each month.

3. Pro Plan

You can list an unlimited number of digital products, unlimited landing pages, unlimited active members, 25 administrator accounts, 150,000 emails per month, and ten sites. This plan costs $319 per month.

The Stages Of An Online Sales Funnel

i. Awareness stage

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can help your store create awareness as they provide a huge social reach both locally and globally. ClickFunnels and Kajabi will integrate with these platforms to help you create awareness messages and post them.

ii. Interest stage

Sales funnels let you list products and services on your landing pages. Tools like Kajabi and ClickFunnels list your products and help you categorize and display price tags and other purchase incentives.

iii. Offer Stage

It is time to make an offer as the potential customer lands on or navigates through the product pages. For example, you can use ClickFunnels or Kajabi to create pop-ups to promote products and offer discounts. This stage also exists in traditional sales funnels. For instance, in a t-shirt store, you can offer a customer 2 -T-shirts for the price of one.

iv. Action stage

The customer is usually ready to decide at this stage. They may forgo the purchase, which leads to abandoned carts or they could complete the checkout process. ClickFunnels lets you set up shopping and a cart checkout page. You will also want to use a digital tool that integrates various payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and more.

v. Customer Relationship management

Both platforms allow you to have repeat sales. Digital tools like ClickFunnels help you manage your customer communication after-sales. It offers email automation tools to generate more leads, grow your contact list, and market your products to current customers. For example, you can make festivities offers for seasons like Christmas through email marketing channels.

Previously, people had to pay various coding experts and software services to set up an online funnel. However, Russell Brunson established ClickFunnels, which helped online shop owners slash their setup and operation budget by a significant value. It provided a more straightforward, faster and cheaper way to build an online sales funnel.

There are other such tools that help online sellers to scale their business. Kajabi is another good example. People use it to create and market content like courses and articles online.

Both digital platforms were established to address different needs, but when you use them to sell, they rely on a similar process of a sales funnel.

In Conclusion

ClickFunnels will help you build stronger marketing campaigns over a wider range of products. Kajabi, on the other hand, lets you sell specialized content and digital products associated with it. You can also create an auto funnel to run your marketing campaigns for your online content.

Your needs and target audience will significantly influence the digital tool you will use to strengthen your marketing campaigns and online business.

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