Does ClickFunnels Have CRM?

ClickFunnels and CRM can be used by businesses to achieve one goal among many others: growth. While CRM has been in the market for longer than ClickFunnels, both play fundamental roles in the field of digital sales and marketing.

This article will guide you through ClickFunnels and CRM and establish how ClickFunnels users accomplish CRM tasks within their accounts.

ClickFunnels And Customer Relationship Management

ClickFunnels does have a CRM called Actionetics, which is inbuilt and ready to use. However, you can also decide to integrate other CRM systems to achieve a streamlined sales funnel.

CRM systems are used by the sales team to manage and retain prospects and customers by using their information to create regular contact and follow-ups. ClickFunnels, on the other hand, is a marketing automation system that its primary purpose is to capture leads and turn them into paying customers.

ClickFunnels is a complete marketing automation system not different from a CRM system.  ClickFunnels uses landing pages and lead pages to collect prospects information and nurture them with follow up personalized emails to convert them to paying customers. Accessing the inbuilt CRM in ClickFunnels depends on the type of plan you are using.

ClickFunnels offers two premium plans; the Startup plan and Full Suite plan. The Startup plan does not provide the inbuilt CRM system, and therefore users must install and integrate third-party CRMs. There are many CRMs in the market which are compatible with ClickFunnels such as GetResponse and Aweber.

The Full Suite Etison plan provides users with a built-in CRM system called Actionetics. Actionetics lets you build a unified connection between your marketing and sales team. Actionetics achieves all the tasks you can do with other CRM systems and lets you create a complete marketing automation suite for your business.

Benefits of Actionetics

Now that ClickFunnels provides an inbuilt CRM system, you must be wondering why you would choose Actionetics over the other CRM systems. Actionetics lets you save money that would have been otherwise spent buying and managing a third-party CRM for your sales funnel.

Actionetics integrates easily with your sales funnels in ClickFunnels, and this saves you a lot of time and effort. ClickFunnels also lets you integrate other external CRM systems should you decide not to use Actionetics.

CRM, also known as Customer Relationship Management system, has been very popular since businesses realized how valuable customers’ information and data could be to their growth. Clients’ information is entered in the CRM system to help send notifications, follow up calls with prospective customers, schedule meetings with customers, and to keep regular contact with your contact list. Being regularly in contact and sending notifications helps the sales personnel to retain customers and prospects.

Both systems have many features, including customer relationship management, sales, lead scoring, and task tracking. CRM systems are mostly used by the sales team in your business. While there may be notable differences between the two, both systems can be used to complement each other and create a seamless digital marketing tool.

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