Does ClickFunnels Host Webinars?

The answer is simply, yes. You can host a webinar using ClickFunnels. The beauty of webinars in the eyes of a salesperson is the ability to sell your products to the masses through online events. You can sell many things through webinars, including software, products, courses, etc.

You will make a lot of money holding a class or live event from the comfort of your couch or office. Webinars help you save time and other costs such as travel, hotel expenses, and meals. In the past, you needed to hire a list of experts, including webmaster, designer, analyst, and programmers. ClickFunnels lets you create your funnels using templates at an affordable price.

This article is a quick guide to understanding webinars, how they work, and how to host webinars on ClickFunnels. Let’s start with how your webinar funnel on ClickFunnels works.

How It Works

ClickFunnels webinar funnels work in four simple steps.

  1. Get people to register for your webinar.
  2. Thank them for registry and create a special offer
  3. Host the webinar
  4. Share the Replay

These stages influence your funnel’s layout. There is a page or pages covering each step to help guide your viewers to your content.

1. Registration Page

Your viewers will sign up here. It would help if you clarified the audience your webinar focuses on. You could include a clause like ‘Attention Entrepreneurs!’ to help your audience know who the webinar is for. Your headline needs to cultivate a level of curiosity in your audience. If you currently have a low performing webinar, try and increase interest to get more audience to sign up.

2. Confirmation Page

You thank your subscribers for registering and welcome them to the audience. The page also contains details of the webinar the date and time you will host it and an access link to the webinar.

3. Indoctrination Pages

Indoctrination pages increase the show-up rate of your webinar. They are also intended to get as many people to buy what you are selling at the end of the webinar. You try to excite your clients about an upcoming event or class. The goal is to get them excited about the webinar and its content for you to achieve your sales goals.

4. Webinar Page

This page hosts the webinar itself. It is also known as the broadcast room. Your viewers get to this page using the access link you sent in the confirmation page.

5. Webinar Replay Page

ClickFunnels lets you maintain a replay of your webinar for 24 to 48 hours. You can convince people who missed the webinar to check it out. You will be able to run email and social media campaigns to get more audience to view your content.

How To Build A Webinar Funnel On ClickFunnels

You have now learned what your funnel should look like. It is now time to learn how to create a webinar funnel on ClickFunnels. You will need a ClickFunnels account and a webinar integration to set up your webinars. Your ClickFunnels Subscription starts with a 14-day free trial, so you have time to test and perfect your webinars.

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You can set up two types of webinar funnels on ClickFunnels; a live webinar funnel and an Auto Webinar Funnel. The former hosts live webinars the latter hosts both live and recorded. Ensure you are logged on to your ClickFunnels account to proceed.

1. Create A Funnel

a. Go to the dashboard and select Add New

or go to the ClickFunnels menu and select Build Funnel

b. Select Host Webinar

c. Select Live Webinar

d. You will be required to input your funnel’s Name and a Group Tag. The latter is optional

e. Click on Build Funnel

2. Add Templates

a. Choose any step in the webinar funnel

b. Click on Webinar

c. Choose a template for your page

d. Edit the page to your liking

e. Repeat this procedure in the other steps of your webinar funnel

3. Set The Time To Host Your Webinar

a. On your webinar funnel, select Webinar Registration

b. You will see a gear icon. Click on it

c. Pick a date and time for your Live Webinar Event by clicking on Webinar Event Time and choosing the date

d. Click on Update Page to finish

How To Build An Auto Webinar On ClickFunnels

Create a Funnel

  1. From your dashboard click Add New. Alternatively, you could go to the ClickFunnels menu and select Build Funnel
  2. Select the Create New Funnel option, which is below the Classic Builder
  3. Click on Host Webinar
  4. Select Webinar Replay
  5. You will need to fill in the Name of your funnel and enter a Group Tag. The group tag is optional.
  6. Click on Build Funnel to set up one.

Add Templates

  1. Choose any step from the funnel you just set up.
  2. Choose Auto Webinar from the categories below the Steps menu.
  3. Look through the template and choose one that appeals to your interest.
  4. Edit the page to include your headlines, images, color, etc.
  5. Carry out the same process for each step of your webinar.

Add Your Recorded Video

  1. Choose Webinar Broadcast Room among the steps of your funnel
  2. Select Edit Page
  3. Select the Video element on the top right. Add your video’s URL. ClickFunnels supports various types of videos, including YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, HTML5Video, and EasyVideoSuite.

Webinars are a popular trend in the marketing world. Customers are more interested in learning from a video as it is quick, they can learn remotely, and they can imitate the procedure you are explaining on your webinar. ClickFunnels is an online platform that helps you create funnels to guide your customers to your content.

You can integrate numerous features to optimize your funnel and ensure maximum conversion rates. Apart from webinars, you have access to email autoresponders, payment integration, split tests for your funnels, and funnel cloning. You are now able to set up a funnel in a matter of minutes thanks to ClickFunnels.

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