Does ClickFunnels Send Emails?

Yes. You can create email templates and send them via ClickFunnels. You will need to integrate an Email Autoresponder to make your work easier. ClickFunnels allows email integrations to make your work easier when it comes to contacting your clients. Various actions by your customers in your funnel trigger email responses. You will need to sit and create the email that will be sent following particular events in your funnel.

This article will discuss the type of email automation you can create on ClickFunnels, how to create them, and how you will benefit from email automation and Integrations.

Email Automations Supported By ClickFunnels

1. ClickFunnels Automation

ClickFunnels automation is set on a page level within your funnel. You will set email automation based on your visitors’ actions. An action will influence a specific type of response. You will need a ClickFunnels account and a page within your funnel.

Add A New Action

  • Go to an existing Funnel in your ClickFunnels Account and select one step.
  • There is an automation tab to the right of your screen. Click on it.
  • On the next page, you will have to choose between tabs of Add New Action, Add New Email, and Add New SMS Text.
  • In this procedure, you click on Add New Action.
  • You will see a list after and choose Action To Do.
  • Select Action Delay as you will need to add a delay in terms of hours or days.
  • Click on Select Funnel Action.

Add New Email

  • Select the Add New Email Tab.
  • Enter the Form Name and Subject.
  • Choose the SMTP Configuration.
  • Enter a number of active subscribers to send the emails. This is optional.
  • Set a condition that will trigger the email.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Create Email.

2. Abandoned Cart Email

Some contacts on your funnel may initiate a purchase and abandon it midway. ClickFunnels will send out emails you will structure to prompt the buyer to complete the purchase. You will need a ClickFunnels Order page and a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

Create Automation

  • On your funnel, click on the Step/order page you collect email addresses.
  • Click on Automation
  • Select Add New Email.
  • Enter the Form Name and Subject.
  • Choose your SMTP configuration.
  • The Condition bar has a drop-down menu. Choose Saw Page But Didn’t Purchase.
  • Set the delay in hours or days by selecting Email Delay.
  • Create and design your email using Basic Editor. You can opt for the Advanced Editor if you need a template.
  • Click on Create Email to Finalize.

3. Include Email Integration On Your Thank You Page

Thank you pages help you to capture leads. You can integrate multiple autoresponders when sending this type of email. You will need a third party autoresponder.

Set Up Your Thank You Page

  • Go to your funnel and select Add New Step.
  • Name the step and click on Create Funnel Step.
  • Choose a template for your Thank You Page by clicking on the Opt-in.
  • You will then create an Email Input Field and a Submit Button.

Link Your Email Integration

  • Go to the Page Editor and click on settings then Integrations.
  • Select your integration.
  • On the actions, Choose Add To List.
  • Select the list you intend to add.

4. Notification Emails

ClickFunnels updates you on your funnel activity through Notification emails. You and your team will know when a visitor opts-in and when a customer makes a purchase. You will need an Order Page or Opt-in Page and an SMTP integration.

  • Go to your funnel and click on the Order or Opt-in Page.
  • Click on the tab labeled Automation
  • Select Add New Action.
  • Name your action.
  • Go to the integrations and select ClickFunnels Internal from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the drop-down menu on Action To Do and select Email Notification.
  • Fill in your email address under Email To Notify.
  • Click on Create Funnel Action to finalize.

Advantages Of Email Integration And Automation

1. Grow Your Email List

When visitors subscribe on your opt-in pages, they usually use their emails. Your email list grows as more people opt-in. Integrating opt-ins in your landing pages and sales pages will go a long way to build your list.

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When visitors subscribe on your opt-in pages, they usually use their emails. Your email list grows as more people opt-in. Integrating opt-ins in your landing pages and sales pages will go a long way to build your list.

2. Improve Conversions

Email integrations will help you boost your conversions. You get your visitors to register in Opt-in pages. What’s more, email automation can handle follow-ups on your behalf. The follow-ups can be requesting feedback on a purchase or an inquiry to an abandoned purchase.

3. Save Time

Can you imagine how tedious it would be to compose an email for every member of your list? Put in mind that you will need to respond to some actions and do follow-ups with all of your customers. That is highly time-consuming. Email automation lets you set a default message that will be triggered and sent depending on activity within your funnel.

4. Save Money

Setting up your autoresponder costs a lot. You will also lose money when you opt to focus on manual response for each mail or hiring personnel to do so. You could otherwise invest the time in building more funnels or optimizing your current ones or ways to generate more leads.

5. Improve Customer Engagement

Emails are a great way to get customer feedback and intuition. The follow-up emails will get your customers more involved in your funnel. They can also use email to send inquiries.  After a deep analysis of the collected responses, you can tailor your solutions to best fit each customer’s needs helping your business grow.

6. Create Brand Awareness

As your business grows, you may probably add more products or services. Email marketing updates your customer on the latest products or offers, and this will boost brand awareness.

ClickFunnels helps your business snowball with various other integrations alongside email automation. It is structured to help you maximize your ROI. What’s more, you can set up your funnel without coding and design expertise. ClickFunnels supports webinars, online stores, and payment integrations, among other features. Are you ready to grow your email list? You can do it today right from your ClickFunnels account.

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