How You Can Make Money Using ClickFunnels (Ideas)

Alright, so maybe you are new to funnels?

Have no idea what they are?

Or just stuck for ideas?

If you already know what a funnel is then awesome! If you don’t,  it’s a sequence of events that gets someone to purchase from you. You use the funnel to collect a lead then sell them products or services.

You can also increase Average Order Value (AOV) using funnels.

In other words, every online business should be using a funnel to collect leads and make sales. If you want to know how to make money with ClickFunnels here are some ideas!

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To jump start that idea for you I’m going to list some ideas that can get you started.


  • Start a Blog (build an audience then monetize them later with funnels)
  • Start a YoutubeChannel (build an audience then monetize them later with funnels)
  • Build a Facebook Group (monetize them later with funnels)

With the 3 ideas above, the goal is to build an audience over time. You can then promote your own products to them or affiliate products. This is a great way for beginners because it’s cheap to do. A Youtube channel is free!

  • Sell a physical product (find a winning product then put it into a funnel)
  • Sell a digital product (send paid traffic to a webinar funnel and sell a course)
  • Build funnels for others (Sell funnel services to other people)
  • Affiliate Marketing (Promote other peoples products)

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With the next 3, if you already have some products to sell you can do that with a funnel. If you don’t have a product to sell then you can build funnels for other people and make at least $30+ an hour.

You can even do webinars and promote affiliate products.

Run a Local Business?

If you run a local business and you need more customers than you need a funnel. If you have a local business and have no skills online that fine, most funnels you just upload and edit.

You just need to come up with some bait to collect leads then turn them into sales. No mater what type of business you run you can give something away for more in return.

You can do…

  • Free consultation (dentist, doctors, real estate, chiropractor, lawyer, accountant)
  • Free trials (Gyms, golf course, other services)
  • Free discount coupons (restaurant, pet grooming, mobile cash wash)
  • Free quotes (plumber, builder, painter, other construction services)

The point here is to give something away for free to acquire a customer for your local business. “give a little and get more in return”.

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Some of these are a little more advanced.

  • Social media agency (run ads for local companies and get them clients)
  • Build a software or app (use paid ads to sell your app or software.)
  • Clothing brand (BIG money in this but needs to be done right)
  • Personal branding (use personal branding to funnel leads to offers)
  • Online Coach (Help people online grow and succeed)
  • Business Consultant (Become a badass business consultant)
  • Affiliate Webinar (sell other peoples products in a webinar for commissions)

These are some ideas that will help you get into funnel building. Obviously if you want to be a business Consultant you should have some expertise in that area. The other ideas are easy to start though.

Interested in getting more funnel training? I would suggest checking out Funnel Hacks!

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