How ClickFunnels Grew (The Story)

You may have probably guessed this is another Silicon Valley story. Sorry, you are utterly wrong. It is better. Silicon Valley is the home of major Tech behemoths but not this behemoth. ClickFunnels calls the outskirts of Boise, Idaho home.

ClickFunnels was founded and self-funded by sales guru, Russel Brunson in 2014. He barely had influence or help in laying out sale strategies. ClickFunnels was born from Brunson’s mega email list of over 1 million people! Keep in mind that this list is still growing and was undoubtedly accelerated when he ventured into ClickFunnels.

Brunson started his entrepreneurship journey by making DIY screen projectors. At the time, his sales funnel was not based online but rather on a sheet of paper he distributed around campus. His pager earned him $40 almost every time it rang. Campus security shut him down, but that only helped to conceive another idea.

Russel created a small booklet that educated people how to make $40 at the ring of their pager. He went on to create a website for it and attached a PayPal payment option. He sent out over one million emails overnight inviting people to purchase his guide. Sadly, his internet service provider received complaints, and his internet account was shut down.

However, his dismay turned to surprise and pride when he visited the library later and found 30 orders and money on his PayPal account. He continued to invest in email marketing and at one point was selling potato gun guides. You will be surprised to learn that he made hundreds of thousands of dollars from this.

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Russel Brunson spent a few more years venturing in email marketing and the process, and he built funnels. Funnels are a sequence of webpages with the ultimate goal of generating and converting traffic into leads and sales.

Brunson teamed up with co-founders of ClickFunnels Todd Dickerson and Dylan Jones to build sales funnels. Each funnel took them a month to six weeks. They intended to build faster websites and funnels. Their result was ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels was geared to help them create their funnels from scratch or to use existing templates to do so. Most of ClickFunnels clients prefer the templates as they accommodate product launches, email opt-ins, Webinars among other features. ClickFunnels feature various payment and email platforms to stretch its customization capability.

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ClickFunnels launched two membership premiums to accommodate various niches of its continually growing membership. The basic premium costs $97 a month while the Full Suite plan charges a monthly fee of $297.  92% of its 40,000 members are subscribed to the basic premium.

In its first year alone, the SaaS had a revenue of about $10 million. Currently, the company is set to register a revenue of approximately $90 million. At its current growth rate, we can conclude that it is well on its way to hitting the billion-dollar mark.

Brunson has integrated his life and career into the online market. He has put his creativity in creating offers, invests his time in analytics, and scrutinizing sales copies to better deliver his service on the ClickFunnels software. His system is supported by auto-pilot systems to keep productivity running even in his absence.

Furthermore, ClickFunnels currently has over 100 staff members. Despite having 40,000 members, at least 250,000 people have enrolled on the platform at one point in time.

ClickFunnels has eliminated the need to have a design or coding background and the cost associated with hiring such expertise. It is confident in its results and offers guides to help you establish your funnels and a 14-day free trial.

ClickFunnels is almost registering a 300% growth. When will you be part of it?

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