How GetResponse Works

Email marketing is the core of operations on GetResponse. Email marketing falls under direct marketing where marketers rely on electronic mail to commercialize goods and services. GetResponse supports both an individual marketer and your marketing team. It is a powerful marketing tool that comes at a friendly price.

GetResponse helps you boost your conversion rates, increase your sales, maximize you return on investment (ROI), and save time consumed by traditional marketing methods. You may consider your email list as an online gold mine.

How Does GetResponse Work?

1. Convert Web Visitors to Subscribers

Generating leads and traffic leads to conversions. To generate traffic with GetResponse, you have to define your target audience, your estimated advertising budget, design a message, launch it, and monitor the results. GetResponse is intergrated with major social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and lets you advertise your content there.

Setting up a sign up form for your subscribers takes a few minutes. Once you have created the sign up form, you plug the HTML code from GetResponse to your email and website. Your subscribers will now be able to subscribe at any time.

2. Get to Choose From Over 300 Designer Templates

Great-looking emails boost your response and subscription rates. GetResponse offers 300 designer templates to choose from. You will be able to create eye-popping campaigns to appeal to your wide audience. The campaigns may involve special offers or newsletters invitations and announcements.

GetResponse’s templates feature an intuitive editor to help you customize them to your liking. You can add logos, headline, and format to attain a custom look for your emails. Furthermore, you design the landing pages for your website as email marketing is part of a sales funnel. You still have the freedom and templates to design and customize your landing pages.

3. Test Your Email Campaign Results

GetResponse ensures that you create effective emails for your campaigns. You have the opportunity to test your email to ensure your campaign generates the best possible results. To test your emails, create a minimum of 5 email samples you think might work.

GetResponse will test each email and automatically select the best version and send it. GetResponse has analyzed research data on consumer behavior to determine the number of times a particular group of people opens their emails. Time usually depends on individuals, but GetResponse’s analysis shows that most people access their emails in the morning access their emails in the morning around 9 a. m., lunch hour, and in the evening. GetResponse has adopted a perfect timing system to deliver your emails at the right time to your subscribers.

4. Create a Store

GetResponse offers to host your online store and integrate it with other online shops you may be running. It is compatible with platforms such as Shopify, Stripe, Etsy, Magneto, WooCommerce, and Big Commerce.

Furthermore, GetResponse has also considered the payments side of your online store. It is compatible with various payment methods, including PayPal, Blue Snap, Stripe Pay U, and Square. GetResponse also helps you to guide clients to your stores using sales funnels. Funnels are a series of landing pages that aim at guiding a customer to either generate a lead, subscribe or make a purchase.

5. Set Up Autoresponders and Followup Messages

Most marketers give up after they have been rejected twice. However, most sales are completed after almost five enquiries. GetResponse endows you with autoresponders and follows up messages to be able to understand why customers abandoned their carts and to convince them to complete their purchases.

You can use autoresponders to create effective drip campaigns. The autoresponders deliver your messages at time intervals that you preset. Your marketing and conversions will go on even when you are logged out and attending to other important businesses.

6. Integrate Audio and Video Content

Customers receiving your emails want to be convinced that a real person is contacting them. How do you achieve this? Attaching creative images and videos with you and your team addressing your customers can help you achieve this.

GetResponse multimedia lets you record videos and attach images to promote new products or services without the need to use external software. GetResponse will deliver and store your multimedia emails.

7. Conduct GetResponse Surveys

Your customer needs to drive your business. Thus, it is essential to listen to their opinions for the kind of service or product quality they want from you. Surveys are aimed at improving the quality of your product and service delivery. You can ask as many questions as you like, and you can conduct the research after every given number of days depending on your needs.

Surveys provide you with important data necessary for approving products, target campaigns, and to keep your business competitive. You can create your survey in a simple click and drag motion.

8. Use GetResponse Email Analytics

The surveys you conduct on GetResponse will generate results. The metrics of your performance will influence the actions you take in email marketing. GetResponse analytics lets you track every opened email, every click, everyone that unsubscribes and all purchases made.

GetResponse delivers customized results on a daily basis. They represent the information using visual graphs, which also helps you to track your past and present performance.

9. Mobile Access

GetResponse lifts the worry that you may lose track of your email marketing when you travel. GetResponse has an app that let’s you track the progress remotely. What’s more, you may meet new people interested in your products as you move around. The app enables you to add their emails on the spot.

GetResponse Payment Plans

GetResponse has three packages you can purchase to realize your email marketing goals:

a. Basic Plan

This is the starting plan for email marketers. However, you need to purchase access to multi-users and webinars.

b. Plus Plan

Plus plan focuses on the growth of a business. The webinar and multi-user access are included in the cost.

c. Professional Plan

The professional plan will suit you well. If you have advanced marketing goals, you are granted webinar 300, and five people access on multi-user and CRM, DKIM among other add-ons.

GetResponse boasts of successful delivery of over 6 billion emails every year and the number keeps on increasing. It is well equipped to deliver traffic, and leads, templates to customize your pages, emails, video and email integration, store set up, payment integrations, surveys and statistics. Moreover, it has three payment plans that suit any stage of your business growth.

With these tools, you can increase your conversion rates, boost sales, increase your ROI, and your get to save a lot in terms of finances and time in the process. In a matter of minutes, you can set up your email marketing and get responses within a couple of minutes to hours. Keeping in mind that time is a valuable asset, you simply cannot afford to waste it.

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