How To Add A Domain Name To ClickFunnels

Domain plays an essential role in ClickFunnels. Without this the platform will not be able to boost your sales extraordinarily to generate a great revenue. You need to learn how to add a new custom domain name in clickfunnels. This is necessary as it enables you to connect your exterior domain as a customary one to use it in funnels of your choice.  ClickFunnels also allows you to use a sub-domain as a custom domain. 

REMEMBER; it is necessary to have an external domain and subdomain to be connected to your ClickFunnels. Once you have them, you can easily follow these steps to add a domain name on your clickfunnels.

Step 1: Point Your CNAME Record To Click Funnels.

  • First things first, go right now and create your CNAME record. You must now visit to verify that the record has been propagated well. 
  • Click CNAME option from dropdown bar.
  • Enter your domain into the search bar.
  • Click on the Search button.
  • Before proceeding, please check that all the records have a green checkmark and points to 

Step 2: Add And Verify Custom Domain. 

  • Go to your ClickFunnels settings menu and click on ”Domains”. 
  • Click ”ADD NEW DOMAIN”.
  • Select “Use An Existing Domain” from the right side.
  • Enter your Domain and click “Add Domain”.
  • One the very next page click on “I’ve Done This Step”.
  • Go back to your domain settings and verify your selected domain.

We’re just at the end. Hold on a little more..

Step 3: Verify SSL On Your Domain.

  • In this step you need to have patience and wait at least for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Enter in your domain settings and click the three dots next to your newly customized domain and then click on the “Edit” button.
  • Scroll down to SSL and click on the “Expand” button.
  • Now tap the “Check SSL”.

We’re nearly done. This is how you officially add custom domain to your ClickFunnels. You may have to check if your SSL is verified completely. If not, then log back in to check after 10 minutes and click on Check Now. If you’re still having any issue then refer to ClickFunnel’s customer support.

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