How To Add Evergreen Timer To ClickFunnels

An evergreen timer is used to show the amount of time left for a user to grab a particular offer. This is a great way to leverage the power of scarcity and persuade your prospects to become buyers. Scarcity is the most powerful principle of persuasion and an essential tool in influencing people’s decision making. This article will teach you how to add the evergreen timer countdown to your ClickFunnels pages.

What You Need

  • A ClickFunnels Account
  • A Funnel created in Your ClickFunnels

Adding Evergreen Timer To Your Funnel

Step 1: Set Up Your Funnel

1. Log in to your ClickFunnels account and navigate to your Funnel

2. Click Edit Page in Classic Editor to enter the classic page editor

Step 2. Add Timer Evergreen Countdown

1. Hover around any element where you would like to add the timer. Click the orange “+” button to add a new element.

2. Search by typing ‘Timer Evergreen’ in the search bar or browse for Timer Evergreen. Click to select the Timer Evergreen element. Scroll down the page and click Add to Page to add the evergreen countdown to your page.

3. Hover around the Timer Evergreen element to reveal the orange border. Click the orange gear button to open the evergreen countdown settings to customize the timer to your business needs.

Step 3. Configure the Countdown Settings

The Timer Evergreen lets you set the following options:

  • Hours – Set the number of hours for your countdown. You can set for multiple days too by multiplying the number of days with 24 hours.
  • Minutes – Set the number of minutes for your countdown.
  • Seconds – Set the number of seconds for your countdown.
  • Expire Action – Select the action when the timer runs out. You can either select Redirect to URL or Show & Hide Elements.
  • Redirect URL – Enter the URL to redirect users when the countdown elapses.
  • When you select Show & Hide Elements, you will find additional options. The “Hide These” option let you choose the elements you want to hide once the countdown elapses. The “Show These” option let you select the element you want to show once the countdown elapses.
  • Re-Visit Action – Select the action for your countdown when users revisit your page.
  • The Styles section let you customize the look and appearance of the timer on the page. You can adjust several properties such as font, size, color, and weight.

Countdown timers are used by marketers to create a sense of scarcity and urgency to boost conversions. The evergreen timer is an essential tool in digital marketing to achieve your marketing tools and leverage the power of scarcity.

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The evergreen timer is a reliable solution to use on your funnels to achieve effective marketing campaigns. The primary goal of marketing campaigns is to make a sale. The evergreen timer will help you grab the attention of your visitors with limited time offers. Countdown allows you to create a feeling of scarcity, urgency, and anticipation to achieve higher conversion rates. You can also use the evergreen timer to do product launches in your ClickFunnels account.

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ClickFunnels allows you to add evergreen timer countdown in your funnel pages and present limited-time offers and product launches to boost your conversions and grow your business. Digital marketing has always been a psychological game; integrate timers in your funnels today and watch your conversions grow each day.

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