How To Add Images To ClickFunnels

This article will teach you how to add images to your funnel pages using the Image Element.

Use the Image Element to add images to your ClickFunnels account and them for your pages such as company logo, background, and presenting offers to your prospects. The image manager allows you to upload photos from your local computer, select image from the image library, or search images from multiple stock photos sites within ClickFunnels.

What Do I Need?

  1. A ClickFunnels Account
  2. A ClickFunnels page (Funnel Step)

Step 1: Add Image Element

1. Log in to your ClickFunnels account and navigate to your funnel.

2. Select your funnel page and click Edit Page to open the ClickFunnels page editor.

3. Hover around an existing element on the page until an orange border shows. Click the orange “+” button to Add New Element.

4. Search or browse for the element from the list. Click or drag the Image element to add it onto the page.

Step 2. Edit Image Settings

1. Hover around the Image Element to reveal the orange border. Click the Gear icon to open the image settings.

2. Click the Image icon under the Settings tab to access the image library.

3. The image library contains all the images that you have uploaded to ClickFunnels. You can search for new images within the image library through multiple photo sites, such as and You can select images from pre-added background images and stock photos. The image library also gives you the chance to upload your images and graphics by clicking the Upload button or drag and drop to the image library.

4. Select and double click an image to add it onto the page.

5. The image settings window will open, which allows you to adjust the properties of the image as desired.

Please Note: when adding images to your funnel pages using 3rd party image links, the images are never saved in your ClickFunnels account. With this, when the source of the image link is unavailable or offline, the image will not show up in your funnel page. It is recommended to upload all images to the ClickFunnels image library to ensures they are always available in your funnel pages.

Image Properties And Their Functions

The image settings window allows you to adjust the following image properties:

  • Top Margin – Adds space on top of your image element.
  • Image – Add an image from the library.
  • Alt Text – Text that is shown when your image is unavailable.
  • Image Width – Sets image width manually.
  • Image Height – Sets image height manually.
  • Link URL – Links to the image to a page when clicked.
  • Link URL Target – Specify if the link should or shouldn’t open in a new tab.

Advanced Image Settings

  • Align – Select the image positioning on the page.
  • Radius – Adjust edges of the image to normal, rounded, or a circle.
  • Grey Scale Fx – Adjust the level of color and black and white.

Images help in driving more prospects to your funnel pages, promote social sharing, and promote your marketing campaign to increase sales. ClickFunnels offers multiple options to include images to your funnel pages. Adjust the settings and properties of the image element in your ClickFunnels pages to match your business needs and attract more leads to generate more sales for your business.

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