How To Create A ClickFunnels Webinar

For anyone well conversant with digital marketing, it is clear that webinars are continuously becoming powerful tools in the industry. From sharing knowledge and ideas to selling products, and offering lectures online, web-based seminars can be crucial in the success of your campaigns.

You create quality content then share them to your audiences, and in no time, you will start achieving your goals. They are affordable as you only need a place to host them, and a little advertising service.

By reading this article, you will learn how to create a ClickFunnels Webinar by following a few simple steps.

How To Create A ClickFunnels Webinar

What You Need

  • ClickFunnels AutoWebinar Funnel
  • Video Recording of the Web-based seminar on YouTube, Wistia, or Vimeo

Step 1: Build An Autowebinar Funnel

Note: You must have the following pages to host replay/auto webinars. It would help if you had a registration area, webinar confirmation section, broadcast/ live room webinar, and Webinar Replay.

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1. Sign in to your ClickFunnels account and choose the Build Funnel option as shown below.

2. Under Classic Builder, click on the Create New Funnel tab

3. In the next page, select Host Webinar

4. The next page will ask you to choose between A Live Webinar or A Webinar Replay depending on your goals.

5. Key in the Name and Group Tag (optional) of the funnel

6. Press Build Funnel

Step 2: Edit The Page Layout

1. Choose a template for the new funnel by hovering your mouse over the template and clicking on + Select Template

2. Click Edit Page

3. Hover your pointer over any element and a brown border margin will show up meaning you can edit anything within the margin. Click on + sign to Add New Element

4. Modify the page to your own liking and customize it to your goals.

5. Repeat the above process for every step in the funnel to ensure that the webinar is customized to suit your needs.

Step 3: Add A Recorded Webinar

1. Click on the Webinar Broadcast Room

2. Press the Edit Page tab

3. Click on the Settings Icon

4. You’ll be directed to your Video Settings. Choose the video type for example YouTube. Paste the Video URL below and go on to customize other controls below such as auto-play, branding and overlay text.

5. Go on to customize the Theme for your video as well as Advanced Settings.

6. Click Save to include the webinar in your account

Once you finish these steps, you can create a live webinar for your audience. Additionally, you can include the Webinar Email Merge Tags to your funnel. ClickFunnels permits you to create a web-based seminar that will restrict access to people who fail to sign up for the session.

You may drum up support for your upcoming projects my sharing reminder emails to the clients in your mail list.

What Is A Webinar?

A webinar is a lecture, seminar, workshop, or presentation that transmits over the internet using video conferencing software. It delivers engaging content in real-time to viewers around the world. Viewers can interact with you and share their sentiments about your web-based seminar. These interactions and great multimedia make webinars an excellent means of sharing media.

Users leverage features such as survey, chat, presentation, whiteboard drawing tools, and screen sharing to unlock the potential of webinars. They allow users to sell or share knowledge, organize, and schedule online sessions. These abilities are critical in helping the company pursue its goals.

The webinar software allows participants to share documents, audio, and applications to the applicants that attend the live sessions. The ability to post multimedia content helps the organization pursue its targets. This help stimulates from the fact that sharing media in many forms captures your audience’s attention and breaks the monotony.

As the industry advances, technology continues to evolve. Web-based seminar users can now record their sessions and later share them via platforms like YouTube.

What Your Business Can Achieve With Webinars

There are several benefits that your firm can realize while using webinars. These advantages include the following.

1. Have People Around The Globe Access Your Workshops

Unlike in the past, people do not have to be physically present to reap from your seminars. They can access them remotely thanks to the internet. By creating your accounts in video sharing platforms like ClickFunnels, you can get people from all over the world to converge and attend your presentation.

This outreach allows you to connect with several people at the same time. Having these massive reach gives you a platform to build a network of potential collaborators in pursuing your goals.

2. Develop Your Brand

Customers are consistently changing their tastes and preferences. Businesses must learn and adapt to these changes lest they lose out to competitors. Webinars allow you to grow your reputation. It also offers you an avenue to keep up the excellent work by understanding consumer behavior.

Professionals use Web-based seminars to teach their audiences globally. They are getting the returns, especially from the thriving e-learning sector. Entities are also leveraging them share their knowledge on various pertinent issues. This sharing boosts the image of the company in the eyes of potential buyers.

3. Improve Your Sales

Webinars can be an excellent avenue for selling your products and services. Digital marketers can use them to share their valuable expertise with leads and prospects. These sharing builds trust, especially if they find you to be knowledgeable in your field. Once they trust you, converting their interests to cash is a relatively easy task.

The web-based workshops can also help you carve out your position in your field. This post, as one of the industry leaders, means your name will frequently come up in conversations. You will turn people that discuss your domain into a positive referral source for you.

Hosting Q&A sessions also help you address concerns by potential clients, and get them to buy.

4. Conduct Professional Interviews

The ability of webinars to show real-time conversations makes it the right choice for specific tasks. It makes the presentation compelling as viewers get to see the real, unedited interactions with your guests. Invite experts to your platform and allow them to educate your audience.

Let them talk about important topics in your industry, debate current issues that are critical to your field, and any other questions your audience raise. Have an interactive segment such as a question and answer part. These interactions make your clients feel like they are part of the conversations.

It also helps you connect with them thanks to the vital communication.

Why Host Your Webinar Using ClickFunnels?

Setting up the ClickFunnels Webinars is not enough. You must have the right elements to support your campaign. Luckily for you, ClickFunnels has your back. The company has been studying industry trends and benchmarking on best practices.

Their efforts ensure they continually provide you with all the features you need to meet your objectives. Here are some of the top features ClickFunnels provides for your web-based seminars.

1. Display Slides: ClickFunnels provides you with a lecture experience similar to the one in a classroom. You can present your content through slides in Apple’s Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint. This ability is vital in ensuring your content are engaging, and you showcase it through neat presentations.

2. Stream Video: You can show videos from online platforms like YouTube or those in your computer’s storage. This feature is crucial as it allows you to get a video from a convenient source.

3. Talk To Your Audience: ClickFunnels provides VoIP which permits real-time communications during your online seminars. This interaction brings your customers into the fold and allows the host and the audience to exchange vital information or ideas to improve the show.

4. Record Everything: ClickFunnels gives users the ability to capture their presentation. They can tape their audio and their visuals. You can later share these recordings to your other platforms.

5. Edit: ClickFunnels aspires to make your workshops as interactive as possible. The firm’s program has the option of allowing hosts to highlight ideas, create annotations, or marks on the monitor using their mouse or touchpad. This setting enables you and your viewers to be active in the session.

6. Chat: This capability allows people following the lecture to ask questions directly to the host. This engagement ensures all stakeholders flow together.

7. Conduct Polls And Surveys: ClickFunnels allows you to sample or have your audience vote. These permissions are critical in gathering crucial feedback.

8. Integrations: You can link your webinar pages to other platforms. Connecting them enables you to leverage their functions to attain your goals.

Webinars continue to be critical in pursuing several objectives of a firm. They facilitate the sharing of content to live audiences. ClickFunnels has simple set up procedures that should have you enjoying their features in no time. The company seeks to help you meet your campaign goals by providing you with many useful features.

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As the digital marketing scene continues to evolve, better ways of communicating to clients and selling your products emerge. Keeping up with these inventions can be difficult for regular people. ClickFunnels tries to simplify webinars such that people without a lot of online advertising know-how can still benefit from its vast potential. Set up your ClickFunnels Webinar today and start using it to attain your online goals.

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