How To Create A Landing Page With ClickFunnels

A landing page is a specially designed page to receive and convert traffic from an online marketing campaign. It is the first page you will be redirected to when you click a link. However, the ordinary homepage of a website should not be confused with a landing page. A landing page should be designed to manage traffic from a marketing campaign, and convert the visitors in a particular way to become a paying customer.

This article will guide you through creating high converting landing pages with ClickFunnels and turn potential leads into buyers. The following is a step by step process of creating a lead capture landing page with ClickFunnels.

Step 1: Create A New Funnel

1. Log in to your ClickFunnels account and click Add New to add a new funnel.

2. Select Create New Funnel

3. A popup will show where you need to select a goal. Choose Collect Emails funnel type

4. Enter the Name of the funnel and Select Group Tag. Select Landing Pages from the group tags and click Build Funnel

5. ClickFunnels will create a basic funnel with two funnel steps, an Email Landing Page (Opt-in Page) and a Thank You page.

Step 2: Choose A Template

1. Within your created funnel, select the Opt-In page in the left sidebar. The Opt-in page is the email landing page which prospects will see when they visit your funnel.

2. Please choose from the many available options of pre-built templates and click Select Template to customize it to match your business needs.

Step 3: Customize The Landing Page

1. Click the Edit Page button to open the page editor

2. Within the page editor, hover around any element to edit its properties, add a new element, delete the element, and add images for your landing page.

3. From here, you can design the landing page according to your liking and adjust design properties like font, background color, and size.

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Advanced Landing Page Settings

1. Integrations

The Integrations menu will let you set your autoresponder integrations to sync with your newly created landing page. If you have not set up your email integration, you must complete that first. ClickFunnels has an inbuilt autoresponder service called Actionetics.

You can also integrate other third-party email service providers such as Active Campaign, Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, and Salesforce. Select Integrations from the Settings dropdown menu to connect the page with your autoresponder.

2. SEO Meta Data

SEO metadata is what appears on the search engine results, update the information to quality and professional description according to your business. Select SEO Meta Data from the Settings dropdown menu to update your landing page settings for search engine optimization.

Why Your Business Needs A Landing Page

Most businesses establish their presence online using company websites and social networks. Sites are just repositories of information; they present tons of information and additional navigation to visitors, which is ineffective in guiding prospects throughout your funnel.

The best and experienced marketers are relying on landing pages to generate leads and deliver the conversions they need. The following present the top reasons why you should get a landing page for your business.

1. Generate More Leads

Landing pages are useful in building your mailing lists for your marketing campaigns. Emails are essential tools of collecting information that you must gather from your visitors. The most successful businesses thrive through communicating important information on their offers directly to their prospects.

A landing page designed to generate leads is also carefully designed to minimize distractions and prompt visitors to subscribe to your mailing list.

2. Focus To Your Objective

Landing pages let you deliver marketing campaigns specifically tailored to suit your offers at hand. With fewer distractions and navigation, a landing page ensures the visitor is pre-framed on what to expect in the next step, thus enticing them to click the call to action button.

Most people have an 8-second attention span; eliminating distractions and presenting only the sole objective would make the difference between leaving customers and buyers.

Features Of A Good Landing Page

1. An Engaging Headline And Subtitle

Have you ever browsed examples of high converting pages? None of the pages will lack a headline. Statistics reveal that about 100 percent of all top converting landing pages have a headline, and most of them contain a pre-headline and a subtitle to support the main headline.

While most headlines will contain big, bold words to grab visitor’s attention, there are some considerations to achieve a stunning headline:

  • Your headline should be precise and focus on the objective
  • Strategic placement to allow prospects to process your headline faster.
  • Focus on creating an impact such as asking a question or making a promise.

2. A Story With An Authentic Purpose

Your landing page must present a story that will pique the visitor’s interest to accept your offer. The content should be short to avoid distracting the visitor from the main idea of buying your product. The visitors must be convinced that they are about to buy a genuine product that will help solve their problem.

The following are the essentials of creating authentic content:

  • Illustrate the need you are trying to fulfill with your product.
  • Convince your visitors why they should buy your product with an attractive value proposition.

3. A Dynamic Video Or Image

A picture is worth a thousand words. Include dynamic, impressive, and bold images to communicate your ideas to your visitors. Statistics reveal that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. A nicely selected image and video will guarantee higher conversions of your landing page.

Selecting your image or video could be a defining factor in the effectiveness of your visual content. You can use images that portray people and landscapes, choose high-quality content, and convey the right feeling to your audience.

4. Call To Action

Prompt the visitor to take action. If a visitor lands in your funnel and there is an unclear or no call to action button, it is more likely that the visitor will leave your sales funnel without making a purchase. However, if there is a call to action, it will motivate the visitor to sign up for newsletters or purchase your product.

Call to actions are important because most customers want them; they expect a call to action to guide them to next step. With this, you can have control over your visitor and show them what you want them to see.

5. Social Proof

Social proof is important for your landing page and leads conversion. If you include social movements that have become successful as a result of your offering and identify customers who are satisfied with your products, you are one step ahead of turning prospects into buyers. Think of social proof as a mental game; if a page has garnered many likes, most people will trust that page.

You can embed a social page, such as Facebook Fan Page, or customers’ testimonials on your landing page as social proof. This way, you will gain interest with the presented offers

The growing digital space is creating more opportunities for businesses to market their products. Digital marketers have turned to landing pages to increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Unlike websites, a landing page is specifically designed to generate traffic and convert it to successful sales.

The goal of digital marketing is to make a sale, and landing pages let accomplish the objective by generating more leads and turning them to potential buyers. ClickFunnels is the best software for designing high converting landing pages.

With these simple steps, you can develop a landing page that can make all the difference in your marketing efforts in the digital world. Remember to include all the mentioned features of a good landing page and design a landing page that will generate more leads.

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