How To Create A Sales Funnel For Real Estate Agents

The job of a real estate agent is a tough one. You are selling properties, which can cost hundreds or millions of dollars. As such, you cannot expect people to come by every day in your office. And even if they do, they will not make a purchase right away. It takes weeks and several appointments for showroom viewing to fully convince them to buy.

While it is great having a website, people who will come to your website will browse the properties you are selling, but many of these will not even book an appointment because they may have come to your website only by chance, and they are not exactly the leads you are looking for. A more effective way to get leads is to use ClickFunnels, a tool that allows you to build a sales funnel from start to finish.

There are specific steps you need to follow to create a successful sales funnel. Below are the steps and the tool you need.

Tools you need:

  • A sales funnel plan
  • Images
  • Texts with the right keywords; texts that encourage people to believe in you and contact you
  • A ClickFunnel account

Part 1: The Sales Funnel Plan

A sales funnel must have a carefully crafted plan. Because it is only one web page, you need to squeeze all important information in there, but avoid spamming. What this means is that you should avoid putting useless content in there. Also, the sales funnel must take the customer from the start of the sales process to the finish.

Stage 1: Identify the clients you want

A sales funnel starts with identifying the kind of people you want. If you know them, where they live, what their income is, or what their problems are, you will be able to write the problem statement in your landing page with accuracy.

You need to know who needs your services so you can market your service to the right people. On a typical website, anybody can browse it even if they have no intention to buy. But on a sales funnel, you are trying to get leads. Leads are people who are INTERESTED in what you offer.

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Once you have this figured out, you can write your opening statement like the following:

  • Are you tired of looking at houses that do not meet your requirements?
  • Do you want to be able to buy a home that fits your lifestyle and budget?

In your ads, this is going to be your attention-grabber or headline. What this means for you is that every single person who goes to your landing page is a potential buyer.

Stage 2: Explain that you are the solution

On this stage of the sales funnel, you need to explain why you are the solution. Show your credentials, your years of experience, and your achievements. Tell the reader why you are the best choice.

Stage 3: Prove that you are worth their time

This is where you need to prepare testimonials, or achievements where you can show a photo of a happy family in front of a house they bought. Show the price of the house, a little history of how you have helped the family. In here, you need to tell people that you provide satisfactory results.

Stage 4: Offer something

People like something free or anything that has value. In this part of the sales funnel, you have to offer something that will make them trust you. Give them a free downloadable digital content like an eBook. The eBook can be a list of houses for sale, or a book about real estate tips, or financing tips for mortgages. It can be anything related to real estate that provides benefit to your reader.

Stage 5: Create a convincing call to action

This is the last stage of the landing page. You need to convince your customer to do one of two things:

  • Subscribe to your email subscription list
  • Schedule an appointment or booking

If a customer decides to join your email list, then now you have a lead. You can send this person marketing materials on a weekly basis, or helpful email articles until he is ready to schedule an appointment with you.

These are things you need to prepare, which are all written materials. You should also be able to prepare photos that are related to each stage. Make sure there is a photo of you, your brand name or company name, some houses you have sold in the past, and pictures of happy customers who bought real estate from you.

Part 2: Setting Up the Funnel

To start building your sales funnel, log-in to your ClickFunnels account. If you do not have one yet, you need to sign up and get the Standard Plan for only $97 per month. This may seem a little high. But if you do the math, it will pay on its own once you have a successful sales funnel. It takes one—ONLY ONE—real estate sale to get back that $97.

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Step 1: Log-in to ClickFunnels and Set It Up

After logging in, click on Build Funnel. Wait for a pop-up, then choose your goal. As a real estate agent, you can either choose to Collect Emails or sell your product. The downside with selling a product is that the leads will immediately decide if they want to buy the property or not. If they chose not to, then you already lost that lead.

In this example, we will choose to collect email, and then we will name our funnel as Real Estate Funnel One. Nobody but you can see this name. Next, click Build Funnel.

Step 2: Choose the template

Since we selected the Collect Email go, most of the templates we would see are opt-in templates. What this means is that each of these templates is designed to collect the email addresses of your leads.

Explore each template and then choose the one that you like by clicking on Select Template as shown below.

Step 3: Start editing your funnel

To start doing this, you must click on Edit Page, and then Click Funnels will take you to the actual landing page, where you can edit the contents.

Below, you will see many buttons that you can click. It would be a little confusing to start with, but you will get the hang of it. All the control buttons are on the top right, and the page you see is the actual funnel that your customer will see once they visit your landing page.

On this part, just click on the one that you want to change. For example, if we double click on CLAIM YOUR YOGA SESSION, there will be a window or a box covering that area. You will also see some new buttons or word editing symbols like B, I U, and more.

Just highlight the text and change it. In this case, we will replace it to SCHEDULE YOUR FREE REAL ESTATE CONSULTATION.

Edit the rest of the funnel, and make sure that you use all the texts you prepared in PART I.

The last step is to save your funnel, and then preview it. The buttons for these two are found at the top right of the page. You have to the option to see how it would look like on mobile, tablet, or desktop, and then make changes as you think is necessary.


As a real estate agent, you are selling something that will change the lives of people. And because of this, you cannot expect people to buy right away. It takes a lot of patience, so you are better off collecting emails, gaining people’s trust, and then eventually book an appointment. Once the appointment is booked, then you now have all the means to talk to them and convince them in person to buy properties from your list.

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