How To Create An Ebook Funnel With ClickFunnels

An eBook funnel is a specially designed sales funnel to deliver eBooks, guides, and other digital files online. The sales funnel will let your visitors make purchases on your order page and get the eBook through email. Delivering the eBook through email is also a good way to grow your contact list and make sure your visitors give you their authentic contact information.

ClickFunnels is one of the best tools that you can use to build a high converting eBook funnel within a few minutes. This article will guide you through a step by step process of creating an eBook sales funnel in ClickFunnels.

Create An eBook Funnel In ClickFunnels

This is a step by step process of creating an eBook sales funnel. Your customers will purchase the eBook from the order page, then taken through the order confirmation page and download the eBook in the thank you page.

What You Need

  • A ClickFunnels Account
  • Payment Gateway integrated with your account

Step 1: Create A Sales Funnel

1. Log in to your ClickFunnels account. Click the + Build Funnel button to add a new funnel.

2. Select Classic Funnel Builder from the popup menu and click + Create New Funnel.

3. ClickFunnels will let you choose a goal. Select Sell Your Product and click the + Choose button to create a funnel to sell your eBook.

4. Choose your goal and Click + Choose

5. Enter the Name of your funnel. Select a Group Tag (Optional) and click Build Funnel. ClickFunnels will populate a basic sales funnel in your account with multiple steps.

We will only use three pages/funnel steps for our eBook funnel: Order Form, Order Confirmation, and Thank You Page. Delete the other additional pages.

Step 2: Select Page Templates

1. Select the Order Form in the left sidebar and select an order form template from the prebuilt templates. Click + Select Template to add the template to your funnel.

2. Click Edit Page to customize the template to suit your needs.

3. Select the Order Confirmation page in the left sidebar. Click + Select Template to add your preferred template for your confirmation page. You can customize the page by clicking the Edit Page button.

4. Select Thank You Page from the left sidebar. Choose a template and click + Select Template to add it to your funnel.

5. Select a template with a download button to enable customers to download your eBook. Customize the template to match your business needs by clicking the Edit Page button.

Step 3: Add Product to Your Order Form

1. Select the Order Form page and navigate to Products. Click + Add Product to add your eBook to the funnel.

2. Enter the Name of the product. Select a Billing Integration and enter the price of your eBook in the Amount field.

3. Select One Time payment and enter your Product Description

4. Click the Fulfillment Email Tab and scroll down on the page to the Thank You Page or Membership access section.

5. Select the correct Thank You Page for your funnel. You can customize the email Subject and Body according to the type of audience and your business. Click Create Product.

Step 4: Upload Your eBook

1. Go to your ClickFunnels Account Settings

2. Select Digital Assets from the sidebar menu

3. Click + New Asset to upload your eBook. Please note your file should not exceed 3MB.

4. Upload your eBook file by clicking on Browse. Enter the Name of your eBook in the Asset Name and go on to fill in the rest of the details.

5. If your eBook file is larger than 3MB, you can use third-party cloud storage options, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Amazon S3. Upload the eBook file to your preferred host provider and copy the shared link to your file.

6. Navigate to your funnel and select the Thank You Page. Click Edit Page to open the page editor.

7. Hover around the download button and click the orange gear button to open the download button settings.

8. Click Set Action. Paste the Path to Current File you copied from Digital assets or the shared link for your eBook from your host.

9. Click Save to save your settings.

Your eBook funnel is now ready. Click the Visit Funnel URL link to test your funnel.

Why You Need To Create An Ebook Funnel With ClickFunnels

If you are an author and would like to deliver your eBooks to your clients online, this article will help you set up your sales funnel for your products. The online community has been growing and increasingly creating a large pool of potential customers.

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Creating an eBook funnel will not only deliver your products online but also expand your contact base for future offers and products. Unlike ordinary websites, an eBook sales funnel will let you present your eBooks in an effective manner guiding visitors through each step in your funnel until they download your eBook.

You can use eBooks as a lead magnet for your marketing campaigns. Deliver eBooks and at the same time let your prospects leave their contact information on your funnel. You may use the information to follow them up with future products. An eBook funnel is one of the simplest tools you can use to generate more leads for your marketing campaigns.

For instance, you can choose to offer free eBooks and prompt your visitors to sign up to get the eBooks by email. With this, you get to grow your contact lists and use them to offer personalized offers.

Building an eBook funnel has been made simpler with ClickFunnels. Utilize the pre-built templates offered by ClickFunnels and build an eBook funnel with a few clicks. You can use an eBook funnel to sell your eBooks as well as other digital files and deliver them to your customers on the internet.

Encourage your users to leave their contact details in order to get their purchased products. This way you will make sales and at the same time be sure of growing your contact list too. You can use the contact information for future follow ups.

Many businesses are offering free eBooks on their site to encourage visitors to sign up and generate more leads. Build yourself an eBook funnel today and make sales while increasing your leads rapidly. if you ever want to pause your ClickFunnels account you can do here.

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