How To Delete A Funnel In ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels can guarantee you sales and leads that can generate growth of your business. But, handling funnels can be hard. If you are a lower tiered user, you may want to delete a funnel to reduce your page count. The team at Clickfunnels, already had the idea and they created an easy solution to this.

Don’t worry if you are on the Etison suite plan for higher tiered users, the company allows for you to archive your funnels so that they don’t look like a cluster on you dashboard. This makes it easy to remove the funnels for the projects you may no longer be working on.

How To Delete Funnels

On the scenario that you have had enough of the sales plan and your Clickfunnels dashboard is no longer empty, you will have to break loose some of them out. Or, you want to fasten your lead generation process with better and advanced funnels, you will have to delete the funnel from your dashboard. By doing so, you will free up space from you dashboard and even the page count of your account would not be burdened.

Deleting a funnel is actually archiving it to add another. This gives you a possibility of using the archived funnel again. The process is quick and easy but you will have to be sure to take out the unnecessary ones. So, choose wisely and follow the following steps to delete/archive your funnel.

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Step 1: Archive It

The first step is to select the funnel you want to delete. Click on the settings and scroll to where it says ‘Archive Funnel’. Your archived funnel will be added to the queue which can later be seen at the ‘Archived’ section of your dashboard.

Step 2: Leave it Or Build A New One

Next, it would depend on your choice, either you want to keep your funnels dashboard free for a while or build a new funnel to continue your lead generation process at Clickfunnels. Building this funnel would be similar to what you did the first time.

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Once you’re done, you will see your page count and funnels reduced to a new number. Incase you don’t, try logging into your account again.

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