How To Export Contacts In GetResponse

GetResponse is an email marketing platform that prides itself in over 6 billion email deliveries each year. You can collect a large number of contacts as you conduct your marketing. GetResponse lets you import and export your contact list.

How You Export Contacts on GetResponse

GetResponse compiles your email list, and your list is exportable to fulfill your various objectives. To start exporting your contacts, you begin by clicking on the Search Contacts button on the dashboard.

Your Step by Step Guide to Exporting Contacts

1. Click on Search Contacts. After that, you’ll see the Advanced Search option. Click here to display the search criteria that you’ll use to select the contacts.

2. Click on the drop down button. This displays the various criteria you could use to build an export list. Make a selection and click on Apply to confirm it.

3. You will find an actions icon to the right of the number of contacts you have selected.


4. The Actions icon will display a list of actions to choose from. Click on export to initiate the action.


5. A module will pop up after you initiate the export command. The module requires you to name the file and select the file format you want your exports to be in.

6. Click the blue icon labeled Export File to generate your file.

7. Your file will appear on a list below the module chosen for the file name and type. Once again, click on the actions icon which will bring forth a menu with a download option.

8. Click on the Download icon to complete your download.

Your file will be downloaded, and you can close the module to download more lists.

GetResponse exports the contacts to one of its servers from which you can download the file to your local storage. The file is available on the server for a maximum of seven days. If you plan on using the list as your back up you should consider exporting your contacts frequently to keep your list updated.

How to Import Contacts on GetResponse

You can use three methods to import contacts on GetResponse

1. You can upload them as a file

GetResponse supports various file formats, which include TXT, CVS, ODS, XLS, and VCF. To upload contacts through a file, you can either drag and drop it or browse a file from your computer by clicking Choose File. However, you are limited to uploading a file that is 10MB or less.

2. You can Copy-paste the Contacts as a List

The Paste From File feature let’s you copy-paste email addresses. You are limited to one email per line. However, you can add a person’s field next to the email by using commas to separate the email address and the personal field. Here is an example of the format you should use, name, female, doctor, 28

3. You can use a Third-party Service

GetResponse can connect with third-party services to import contacts. You can link them using API keys, usernames, host address, etc. The account you intend to use determines the specifics. After you select your method of uploading contacts, GetResponse Presents further choices.

You need to specify whether:

  • You want to add an update to the new and existing contacts.
  • You want to add new contacts
  • You want update existing contacts

You will then proceed to confirm your uploads, categorize custom fields in columns and simply click import

Email marketing is the most used direct marketing strategy. It is the core of the marketing strategy. GetResponse helps you to establish your business in the minds of your customers by providing features to ensure the success of your online business.

You are able to create landing pages, market your content on social media, automate functions such as sending emails and follow ups, and integrate various modes of payment such as PayPal. In addition to this, you can edit and design templates to fit your business, set up shop on GetResponse and use the analytics to aid in decision making.

The features on GetResponse help you maximize your conversion rates, boost sales and maximize your ROI while saving time and money you would have spent on a professional coder.

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