How To Integrate ClickFunnels With Aweber

Successful businesses want to make the customer’s experience to be enjoyable and seamless as much as possible. With advances in technology, it is getting easier for  customers to transact businesses with various platforms linked together to enable seamless transactions to take place. These linked tools help firms with a digital presence thrive.

ClickFunnels is a program that permits organizations to create landing pages vital to growing their email lists. The service links products and funnels in ClickFunnels with lists in their email service provider such as Aweber to direct their contacts over to them directly. It allows you to directly include subscribers you capture through ClickFunnels pages in your Aweber email list.

What You Need

  • Aweber account
  • Aweber Form and list
  • ClickFunnels account

Note: You need to create a sign up form within your Aweber account that you want to integrate with the ClickFunnels account. Without this form your efforts will be futile as the people who sign up will be shown a “Mail List Not Active” message after submitting their information using the contact form. This can be a setback to your business as poorly developed accounts drive away clients.

Steps to Follow

1. In your ClickFunnels account, click on the profile tab to bring up a dropdown menu, and then choose Account Settings option.


2. Click on the integrations option in the sidebar menu that is located on your left.

3. Select Add New Integration.

4. On the next page choose to add Aweber.

5. Once you have made the selection enter your preferred integration nickname, for this illustration I have used the nickname ‘Aweber 1.’ Then click on the Connect Integration tab.

6. On the new page you will be asked to key in your Aweber account log in details. Enter your log in password and name then click “Allow Access” option.

7. After keying in your log in details and logging in, your new API integration will be added successfully. You can now integrate the two accounts. You can navigate to the ClickFunnels’ home page by simply clicking on the ClickFunnels logo. If you fail in doing so, click on the “Build Funnel” option to make your funnel.

With this seven simple steps, you can successfully integrate your Aweber account to ClickFunnels. Once you have completed the integration, people who opt in on the ClickFunnels page will automatically be added to your Aweber directory complete with their contact details for your review. Additionally, subscribers will also be added to your Aweber account if they complete a purchase using a ClickFunnels platform.

Adding your subscribers’ contacts becomes easy after integrating your ClickFunnels with Aweber. You can engage your audience whenever you want. Additionally, you do not have to bother sending potential clients cold emails with requests to them to volunteer their contact information.

When a potential client adds their contact details using ClickFunnels, the information is shared instantly with your Aweber account. Having achieved this, you can now focus on your core business and how you can improve the quality of service and product delivery.

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