How To Remove ClickFunnels Badge

Funnels work by guiding users on your site to make a purchase and to enable them to see other related items to the main item. ClickFunnels is a software that allows you to do all this easily. ClickFunnels also eliminates the need to hire someone to do it.

By default, once you use ClickFunnels to make funnels for your site, a badge appears on every funnel that you make. After making a funnel, you will  have a ‘Made with ClickFunnels’ badge on your pages. You may need to remove this badge and here is a step by step guide on how to hide the ClickFunnels badge.

How To Remove The ClickFunnels Badge

  1. Click on Edit Page for an existing funnel that has the ClickFunnels badge
  2. Go to settings and then click on general
  3. Select Hide and the badge will be hidden from the page
  4. Repeat the process on the pages where you’d like the badge to be hidden.

If you’re going to use ClickFunnels for the long run, you may need to hide the badge when creating other funnels. To do this just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the profile menu and click on account details
  2. Next to Affiliates setting, click on expand
  3. Click on the toggle key that turns off the click funnels badge
  4. Save the changes

Alternatively, you could also allow the badge to be displayed on your page. This may earn you referral commission as people are redirected to ClickFunnels official website when they click on the badge. All in all, ClickFunnels is an excellent software that helps businesses all around the world generate revenue and save lots of money.

In business, good marketing is the only way to succeed and become a household name. Failure to market your business well will have you incurring great losses and losing many customers to your competitors. As a business owner, you want to reach as many customers as possible by harnessing opportunities created by the internet especially on digital marketing.

In this day and age, if your business doesn’t have a website, you may as well consider the business nonexistent. Having a business, however, means that you’re spending a certain amount of money every day for your business to stay competitive.

Most business owners generate revenue by using ads. Ads are a good way to create awareness about your business but can’t be solely relied upon to outshine your competitors. This makes one wonder what does one do when your ads aren’t generating enough revenue for your business. There’s a simple solution to this question: making use of funnels.

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