How To Import Subscribers On GetResponse

GetResponse uses lists to import subscribers. The list of subscribers must meet the import requirements such as file size, file format, and formatting. The import requirements ensure all the details of the subscribers are uploaded successfully to the contact list.

Starting the Import

1) Navigate to Lists in the GetResponse dashboard, and click Add contacts.

A new page will open as shown below:

2) Choose the list from the drop down menu where the subscribers will be added. Select Upload a file, use external service or paste rows option to specify the method you would like to use to add the subscribers. Choose one of the following four options to add the list:

  • Upload file
  • Connect service
  • Paste from file
  • Migrate list

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Uploading a File

The upload file option is the most common and default method of uploading contacts. A prepared list of the subscribers is uploaded from the local computer. There are two options of uploading a file:

  • Drag a file in the upload field
  • Select a file from your computer

The allowed file formats for uploading files include CSV, TXT, VCF, XLS, ODS and the file size must not exceed 10 MB.

Connecting a Service

Connecting a service requires one to have additional information, including API key, host address, and username according to the type of service one is using to make the upload. Some of the supported accounts in GetResponse include Zendesk, Highrise, Magneto, Salesforce, Google Contacts, and Formstack.

  • Click connect service and select your preferred account such as Zendesk to upload.

Pasting From File

Select Paste From File. Enter one subscriber per line and separate additional information using commas. Email address is required, and each subscriber should have only one email address. The entered values must be in the same order in each row. Press enter to add another entry.

Migrating a List

Select Migrate list and select the service where you will be migrating a list from, such as MailChimp. Select or drag and drop your CSV file from your computer as shown below.

Completing the Upload

  1. Specify the course of action for the uploaded contact information. Select one of the following options:
  • Add and update existing — adds new contacts and updates existing contact information.
  • Only add new — adds new contacts only. Existing contacts are not updated.
  • Only update existing —this option only updates existing information.

2.  Check the confirmation box to consent.

3. Click Next. A new page opens to assign columns to custom fields in the uploaded contact list.

4.  Assign all the custom fields in the GetResponse account according to the information from the file.

5. Click Import to finish the process.

That’s how you can import your subscribers!

For more information on importing contact you can read this.

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