Is ClickFunnels An Autoresponder?

Yes. ClickFunnels can serve as an autoresponder. You get to define the intervals and rules that define how messages are sent. An autoresponder can be attached to your web page or funnel. You get to design this message, which can also serve as a confirmation code.

What Is An Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is an automatic message that is sent to your customer after they are opt-in to your contact list. Autoresponders react to imports, added contacts, and subscriptions. The message depends on what type of contact a client has initiated. For example, during first contact you could include a thank you and confirmation message. You also get to manage responses and your online business. The length of your autoresponder cycle relies on your audience, niche, and type of autoresponder series.

It is essential you look further into what autoresponders do.

What Are Some Of The Uses Of An Autoresponder?

  1. To send messages to your clients through the autoresponder cycle. ClickFunnels provides various templates of autoresponder cycle, drafts or newsletters. You can also opt to build your message from scratch.
  2. You can use Autoresponders to shift messages between days of the week. For example, studies show that you need to have a list and calendar view to help you manage the message cycle.
  3. You will need to adjust to different time zones to propagate your campaign to prospects of various nationalities.
  4. You get to update your contacts to your preferred autoresponder cycle. You can also export your contacts to another cycle.
  5. Autoresponders let you take various actions on your message such as edit, preview, and duplicate.
  6. Autoresponders let you monitor your message status and statistics. You will be able to see the number of views, responses, etc. to help you to strategize in pursuit of business growth.

Is ClickFunnels An Autoresponder?

Yes. ClickFunnels’ autoresponder is under Actionetics. It is a plan that comes along with many features to optimized your customer engagements and CRM.

What Makes ClickFunnels The Best Autoresponder?

What separates it from other autoresponders is you can take actions and send emails based on things that people have done and what they have not done. For example, if a prospect abandons their cart, you could send an email formulated with text like ‘Hey John, you forgot to check out.’

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Which will probe their mind, and the lead will convert eventually. You can also send an email with a link to webinars and segments that prompt the prospects to sign up. ClickFunnels Actionetics is also able to integrate Social media autoresponders like Facebook, and you can promote your content and generate leads, for example through ads.

ClickFunnels is also compatible with other autoresponders. You may have started your business before ClickFunnels, or you have been using another autoresponder. You may integrate various other autoresponders such as GetResponse, MailChimp, AWeber, MarketHero, SalesForce, Kejabi HubSpot, SkyBroadcast, Ontraport, SendLane, Maropost, Interspire, etc. You can also set up an SMS autoresponder. If your autoresponder is not on the list, you can still integrate it by using HTML form.

Features Of ClickFunnels Autoresponder

1. Smart Lists

ClickFunnels has input an Advanced Proprietary Tagging System on Actionetics. It uses intelligent information to segment your customer information into actionable lists. It will use criteria such as:

  • Who your customer is
  • How they got to your funnel
  • Their buying behavior and history.
  • Actions they take within your funnel.

You come up with the tags that you think are suitable for your business so that your data may be relevant.

2. Multi-Dimensional Follow Up Funnels

Your audience uses various platforms while surfing the internet. Some may not be accustomed to email but rather social media. A good autoresponder funnel goes beyond email response. You will want to reach your clients in their most convenient way. ClickFunnels autoresponder supports the following modes:

  • Email
  • Retargeting Ads
  • Facebook Messenger
  • SMS
  • Desktop notifications.

You can interconnect these platforms, and for example, a Facebook ad could lead to an email you sent.

3. Send Multi-Dimensional Broadcasts

Did you know you can broadcast your message across various platforms? You don’t have to formulate and compose each broadcast message in the form of Email, Facebook Message, SMS, and Desktop notifications. You create one email, and ClickFunnels broadcasts your message across all these platforms.

You get to invite people to your webinars and broadcast your products, services, and offers. You will be able to reach more people in a short time.

4. Statistics On Your Autoresponder

ClickFunnels lets you analyze the progress of your emails. Every message has a statistics button on Actionetics. You will be able to determine:

  • Clients who opened your email
  • Who visited your landing page?
  • Who made purchases
  • How much revenue each email has generated.

You will take action on this information, for example, you keep using the emails with highest conversions

Why Does Your Business Need An Autoresponder?

Generally, Autoresponders help you maximize your ROI. As a business, you will maintain an active communication channel to your client and carry out your campaigns on products or services. As a business you will be able to use the various features to achieve optimum CRM and continued sales growth.

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Some of the ways you could benefit from actionetics include:

  • Autoresponders help you involve your client in various cycles communication. For example, you can shift your customers from the prospects category to the upsell category.
  • You can also transfer your client to a different type of autoresponder which is prompted by clicking on a link.
  • Send birthday wishes to your clients and makes them offers on such occasions. You will build customer trust and loyalty that way.
  • You can also send products suggestions based on the landing page they used.
  • You can also use actionetics to remind your customer to renew a guarantee or policy, especially one year after they made a purchase.
  • Send a payment confirmation.

An autoresponder makes you marketing a lot easier, and at the same time they maximize your ROI. Some have called it the lazy marketer tool, but it saves on cost and time. ClickFunnels Autoresponder works hand in hand with other features such as payment processing. Does your funnel or business have an autoresponder? Take action now and create one today on ClickFunnels.

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