Sales Funnel vs Wix: What Should You Use?

What is the difference between a sales funnel and Wix? Do you need both or just one? There is really no right or wrong answer here. The right way to approach this problem is to ask yourself what you want to accomplish.

Online business is now very simple, but not all platforms are built for the same purpose. It is like comparing YouTube and Facebook. While both have content that is user-generated, and while both are social media channels, they are so different in the services they provide.

The same can be said if we are comparing a sales funnel against Wix. Let us take a look at the two, and compare what they do so you can decide later on which one to get. Or maybe you can use them both? You decide.

What is Wix?

Wix is a web-building platform. You can compare it to WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, and other platforms where you can design, modify, and create a website that has different functions. With a website, you can put your blog, upload photos, post a series of lectures through videos, post items for sale, and so much more.

Pretty much, a website is a “home” to all your content. You want people to go here so you can show them what you offer. This is also the place where your clients or members can interact with you. If you are selling a product, this is where they would browse your store. If you are selling a course, this is where your students or members should log-in to access your course content.

In a website, a site visitor, member, or user has the complete freedom to choose what to do. He can click on your Contact Us page, read your About Us page, or scroll through your Terms and Conditions page. Your website is also what search engines crawl. You use keywords in the right way, so when people do a search, the search engine will put your website at the top of the search results.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a marketing tool. It is not a website, but it can only be used on the internet. It is what is called a web page. Like a website, it has a domain name, and it has to be hosted by a web host provider.

A sales funnel is like a giant billboard or an advertisement you see on television. Unlike a website, the customer pretty much has no control over what to do with it. If he has, then it is limited. The two main things that a customer can do on this web page is to watch your video or read your written material.

A sales funnel is a web page where you are trying to make a sales pitch. It is one page, but it is very long. It contains almost all of the information that a customer needs to know about your product. You do not use a sales funnel for one piece of clothing, unless if that clothing is special, like if it is fireproof, or if it is a suit that can do something that is new, like if it has an attached gadget such as wheels.

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This is not to say that you cannot use a sales funnel for products. In fact, you can. However, a sales funnel is best used to make a sales pitch for unique products, like if you have invented a new way to travel (remember Segway?) or if you are selling a service or a course that people need.

What are the features of Wix?

Since Wix is a website builder, most of the features offered are related to building your own website, but this also includes other features that you may find in a sales funnel.

  • Free templates – you do not have to build a website from scratch; you can choose from more than 500 templates and just change the content to build your website
  • Wix Business –you can build a site that will fit your business type. You can build an online store, a blog, a music site, a travel website where customers can book on events, a restaurant where you can show your menus, and so much more
  • Domain and hosting – you can buy your domain name and have Wix host all your files, so you do not have to buy these two services from another company
  • Analytics – you have a dashboard that will provide you with reports of how your website is performing

Wix is a powerful web builder where you can also take advantage of apps. These are apps that you can integrate so you can add functions to your site, like shopping carts, shipping and tax calculators, payment methods, and so much more.

What are the features of a sales funnel?

A sales funnel may have many similarities with a website, but again, the main purpose of the sales funnel is to convince a potential customer to buy, generate leads, or build an email subscription list.

Here are the features of a sales funnel:

  • Landing page builder – it is like a website builder, but you are building a web page with different sections. You can also build a separate version of the sales funnel for mobile view.
  • A/B split testing – create two versions of the sales funnel to see which one is more effective in driving sales
  • Use of advertising platforms – many sales funnels are integrated with advertising networks such as Google and Facebook
  • Create opt-in pages – these are pop-up boxes where you can ask your customers to give you their email address in exchange for something free like downloadable digital content.
  • Checkout page – this is the page where the customer will supply the billing information if he would buy the product; this is also the page where he will pay the cost of your product or service
  • Downloads – you can create a button that will allow a customer to download a digital content
  • Templates – many funnel builders have thousands of templates; all you need to do is to change the photos, videos, and texts
  • Affiliates – sales funnel builders typically offer a program where you can look for people to sell your product; with this software, you can give them an affiliate link, track their performance, and measure how their sales efforts are performing

The content of a sales funnel is a long combination of texts, photos, and videos, all done to tell the customer that there is a problem and that you have the solution to the problem. At the end of a sales funnel is a call-to-action where you attempt to make him buy.


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What Wix can do for you is to help you build a website with no fuss. It is easy, and you can customize your website as much as you want with its drag-and-drop features. A sales funnel can do the same, but you will be building on one page. Wix will give you a website, but a sales funnel will give you an advertising page. With Wix, you need to find ways to build your traffic. With a sales funnel, you will pay for advertising the sales funnel, and hope to make lots of sales with it.

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