What Does GetResponse Do?

You need to understand the concept of email marketing for you to comprehend how GetResponse works. So what is email marketing?

Email marketing is a branch of direct marketing where you use electronic mail to reach people and commercialize your products or services. The emails you send either target potential or current customers. These emails are sent as a broadcast rather than singly because of a large customer base.

At this point, you will look up for email marketing platforms to make your work easier. GetResponse does not fall short of your expectations as a marketer who needs to reach their customers. Your GetResponse marketing list enables you to establish and distinguish various categories of your clients and categorizes them to partners, prospects and current customers.

GetResponse gives you a 99.5% assurance of delivering your messages. This sets you up for success by establishing a responsive and profitable relationships with your contacts. However, there is more to GetResponse than just email marketing.

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It’s main end goal is not only helping you deliver your categorized email but also uses various management tools to maximize your ROI by generating leads and enhancing customer experience which will be reflected by the growth of sales.

How Will GetResponse Improve Your Business?

Let us consider the services of GetResponse in the form of a funnel. GetResponse offers a process which starts with generating traffic and leads ending in sales and customers relationships. Other main features, such as email marketing and stores, enhance the customer experience, and convince them to turn to leads or sales.

1. Traffic and Leads Generation

GetResponse is a platform that is equipped with tools to help generate leads and traffic. The platform features target advertising on major social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Setting up social media on GetResponse is a very easy process.

a. Define

First, you need to define your audience. This is a starting point for generating traffic and discovering an audience with similar interests.

b. Limit

You need to set up your advertising budget and the duration you wish the ad to run.

c. Design

Your ad needs to have three aspects; a message, an image or video and a call to action. GetResponse lets you design your ads on their app irrespective of your design background. Creating ads is easy. If you find this challenging, there are various templates to learn from.

d. Submit

Once you are satisfied with with the composition of your ad, you need to submit it. Facebook will then review and either accept or reject it.

e. Track

The statistics of your ads performance are also available for GetResponse. You will be able to learn about your ad, your target audience, and this will help you to improve over time. What’s more, you can share your Facebook ads on Instagram and vice versa.

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2. Landing Pages

GetResponse offers a variety of choices for your landing pages. Your decision on a landing page depends on the nature of your business. You can choose either a sales page, opt-in, download page or a promo page. The templates offered are highly responsive, and it will take you a maximum of thirty minutes to personalize them.

GetResponse avails over five thousand shutterstock images and an inbuilt image editor to help you create a captivating landing page. The templates allow you to edit by a simple drag and drop action. Apart from images, you may grab your viewers’ attention and generate leads using short messages, pop-ups, and a sign up option.

You have the opportunity to customize your landing page to accommodate both desktop and mobile devices. Compatibility with mobile devices is essential as most of your clients use mobile devices more than desktops.

GetResponse also helps you to install a sense of urgency among your customers. You achieve this by attaching a countdown timer on either product launches offers on sales, event registrations, and webinar events.

Furthermore, GetResponse grants you free access to its subdomains. These domains are certified and protected by an SSL certificate. You can also integrate other major platforms of your landing pages such as Facebook or Instagram to let your client know more about your product or service.

3. Email Campaign

Did you know? Email marketing existed before the internet thus making it the oldest online marketing strategy. What’s more, almost all platforms you set up or sign up are linked to an Email marketing.

GetResponse helps you to research information that will help you to categorize your customers. This helps you to create dynamic content that targets a customer’s preference and needs. The dynamic content you create and send out could include images, wording a call to action. In time, the clients on your email list will find value in your content, and this could either turn to a lead, a subscription or a sale.

GetResponse also features a perfect timing delivery for your emails. It is a system that helps discern the right moment to communicate with your contacts. You should note that each client is unique concerning the right time to reach out. For example, GetResponse research has noted that 9:00 am, 12:00 PM and in the evening are some of the best times to send out emails as when most people log on.

4. E-commerce

At this point, you are working on the sales part of your online business on GetResponse. You will set up integrations, stores, products, sales funnels, and payment models.

You may own an online shop outside GetResponse, for example, on a platform like Shopify. You can integrate this shop with GetResponse. You will be able to promote your business via both email lists and landing pages you create on GetResponse.

GetResponse supports platforms such as Stripe, Etsy, Magneto, WooCommerce, Big Commerce Etsy, and Shopify. However, with GetResponse, the need for these other platforms is reduced. You can now handle all your business on one platform and also enjoy extras including lead generation, email marketing, and sales.

The landing pages you create on GetResponse also support various payment methods that cover a broad range of users. Your clients will be able to pay through PayPal, Square, BlueSnap, Stripe, and PayU.

You also get the chance to build a sales funnel that’ll guide your customers to either subscribe, generate a lead or perform a purchase. GetResponse has funnel templates ready and easily customizable. What’s more, you can follow up on leads that never matured such as abandoned carts. You will convince such customers by following up on inquiries, or you could tailor offers for specific customers.

5. Automation

Automation pops up a lot in your business activities on GetResponse. A good example is enquiries on abandoned carts or purchase follow ups. GetResponse lets you compose custom messages that you can automate.

Automation is also present in email marketing. With the help of analytics, you can conduct promotions using automation. It helps maintain your workflow even when you are away — for example, welcome messages on landing pages or notifications to clients.

You are in total control of your email marketing from communication, design, workflow, and even customer segmentation. GetResponse is here to speed up the process and minimize the cost you would require to set up your workflow from scratch.

In 2018, Litmus conducted a study on email marketing and its rate of return on investment. They came up with the ratio of 38:1. This simply means that for every $1 you invest in email marketing bears a return of $38. That is why 18% of marketers in every industry use email marketing. This form of marketing has over the past few years registered the highest return on investment (ROI). To be able to reap this ROI, GetResponse has put in place tools to generate leads and traffic, create appealing and effective landing pages, email marketing campaigns, webinars, handle e-commerce and automate most of these functions.

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