What Is ClickFunnels Used For?

Ever thought of launching an online business but got put off by the mere fact that you lack coding or design knowledge? Or other factors such as the high costs of hiring a professional coder or web designer? Maybe you thought setting up the funnels manually will consume a lot of time. Well, ClickFunnels makes it easy to get started!

Why You Need To Use ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels offers templates for sales and marketing funnels at a monthly subscription fee. Funnels are a series of landing pages. Each page guides you to another with the end goal of getting you to register, generate a lead, or make a purchase.

The funnel templates on ClickFunnels help you to design and set up your funnels in a matter of minutes. They have eliminated the need to posses coding or design expertise. You can choose from two packages. Each package starts with a 14- day free trial. You can cancel your subscription before the end of the free trial period. The two subscriptions include:

a. The Basic Subscription

ClickFunnels charges $97 per month on this subscription. It allows you to create a total of 20 funnels,  100 landing pages, and you can host up to 20,000 visitors on your funnels.

b. The Etison Suite

You should consider this option if you own a large business or wish to expand from the basic version. You pay a monthly subscription fee of $297. You are granted access to create an unlimited number of funnels and landing pages plus you will host an unlimited number of traffic.

How Will You Benefit From ClickFunnels?

There are three reasons why you would need to set up a funnel. You may need one either to generate leads, to conduct an event, or to generate sales. To understand how ClickFunnels benefits your business, start by identifying why you need a funnel. ClickFunnels exists for each of the three reasons listed below:

  • To generate leads, you can use basic email or create application forms
  • To generate sales, ClickFunnels helps you to set up an ‘unboxing’ funnel, a sales letter or video and launch a funnel.
  • If you intend to host an online event, especially a live webinar, you have access to third party software, for example zoom. You can also put in place an automated webinar that will run across your intended funnels.

Once you have a use for your funnel set, there are many other functions you can perform with ClickFunnels to ensure the success and sustainability of your funnels. They include:

Adjust Your Funnel

You begin by adjusting pages and sites of the funnel template provided by ClickFunnels. You can either add, move, remove or edit them. As you adjust your funnel on ClickFunnels, you will be able to include:

1. One-click Upsells

Upsells offer your customers more products after they make a purchase. You save your clients the time taken to undergo the entire purchase process again.

2. Membership Area

You will guide client to complete the registration and give them access to the content and products you post.

3. Order Forms

Your clients will have an easy check out process, and they will provide you with leads to clients who abandoned their carts.

4. Affiliate Center

Affiliate center lets you do payouts, establish affiliate types, affiliate areas, and commission plans. ClickFunnels will help you generate ads and links for your affiliates to use.

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Customize Pages

You will need to include aspects on the page that identify well with the nature of your business. You will change the templates logo, headline, add images and even video holders. What’s more, there are more tools accessible on the Etison editor to use such as:

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to impact display on your pages.
  • Padding adjustment to help alter element spacing to your liking.
  • Color adjustment which customizes the color of the background, text, icons, etc.

Capturing Leads

Once a potential client adds their email, you add them to your email list. ClickFunnels has presented two methods for you to communicate with your client.

  • Automation Tab

You can establish short email sequences to help you follow up on sales or opt ins. What’s more – you can get notifications when a client opts in or makes a purchase. To get started, you design an email template after you get an email contact and add your message on this template.

  • Actionetics

These are tools that help you establish follow up funnels. Apart from creating and delivering emails, Actionetics let’s you create funnels that follow up on an individual. They are influenced by the individual’s personality, the purchase they made, their locality, and their activities on your funnel. This information is availed by statistics generated from your funnel on ClickFunnels.

 Add Your Products & Services

ClickFunnels has a shopping platform you can set up in a matter of minutes. Your funnel can sustain two types of products:

  • Digital Products

These products involve buying subscriptions, membership, or download. An example is an online course membership or the sale of software.

  • Physical Products

Physical products are tangible products delivered to your customers. You will need a ShipStation to fulfill your shipping requirements. To set up a ShipStation, you integrate it with ClickFunnels, connect the ShipStation to your funnel, and finally post your products to the funnel.

Split Tests To Optimize Funnels

ClickFunnels lets you test your funnels before launching. You are able to discern the better version of your funnel. You can run A/B split test on various elements of your channel, including headers, videos, images, button pages, among many others.

Launch Your Funnel

ClickFunnels has put in place a ‘Launch Checklist’ to ensure you have undertaken all the steps in setting up your funnel. You will also need to make a trial purchase to test your payment gateway. You also need to ensure that you have the right domain so that your traffic access your funnel’s first page.

Monitor Your Funnel Statistics

ClickFunnels displays your funnel’s stats on your dashboard to make it easier to monitor your progress. The statistics display the following:

  • A visual chart to showcase your funnel’s performance
  • People on your lists and the ones that are newly joining
  • Comparison of your funnels’ conversions
  • A growth chart of your business over time

Your online business dream does not need to fade because of your lack of experience in coding or design. ClickFunnels is here to provide a solution inform of templates to help you make funnels. To add on this, there are lots of guides inform of videos and images to help you get started.

Through data provided through ClickFunnels’ insights you’ll be able to make sound decisions on your business, especially if you rely on the data provided on the platform. This gives you a competitive advantage over other businesses operating within the same niche. Employing strategies based on data has proved over time to be powerful.

Apart from statistics, ClickFunnels provides other strategies and tools to ensure the success of your funnels and business. You can adjust your funnel to your liking, customize its pages and elements, add products to sell, run split tests on your funnels, and a launch checklist to ensure that you do everything right.

If you don’t thick ClickFunnels is right for you check out our comparison with Shopify here.

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