What Is Marketing In Your Car? (By ClickFunnels)

The business world is always evolving. As competition continues to grow, companies are finding innovative ways to meet their performance targets. Entities must keep up with these changes lest they lose out to competitors. However, one thing does not change. Marketing remains a critical means of pursuing the goals of business organizations.

Identifying the right marketing practices is a daunting task for entrepreneurs. Not only do you have to study all the strategies carefully, but you also have to find a perfect mix for these tactics to work. This makes the process demanding and risky because a poor plan only fails. If only there was a simpler way?

Thankfully, you can quickly learn about proven marketing strategies. Courtesy of ClickFunnels’ revolutionary co-founder and Head of Marketing, Russell Brunson, you can learn marketing in a short period. He has prepared a podcast known as Marketing In Your Car that offers valuable insights and pieces of advice to investors. It is a podcast that you must listen to if you want to get useful ideas that will help you succeed.

About Marketing In Your Car

In this podcast, Russell Brunson engagingly shares his experiences and lessons. He reveals the journey of starting and turning ClickFunnels into the lucrative marketing firm it is today. He, together with his co-founder, has been a key figure in turning ClickFunnels into a multi-million business. His stories and insights are worth your listening.

Leveraging his experience spanning nearly two decades, Russell drills down on the ideas marketers need to be successful. He borrows the marketing tricks he has been using in CkickFunnels and compiles them to end up with an excellent podcast. Hes legit when it comes to teaching!

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Russell published his first episode in May of 2013 before publishing another 256 segments in three years. Russell was often busy with steering ClickFunnels; hence, he found a way to share his knowledge even without having ample time in his hands. Sharing his wisdom was vital for him, and he began recording short podcasts while performing daily tasks like throwing out the trash or driving to work.

The podcast provides crucial tips on making sales funnels, increasing your web traffic, and how you can generate leads. Russell expertly shares these ideas and more.

Overview Of The Podcast

Podcast Name: Marketing In Your Car

Creator: Russell Brunson

Niche: Marketing and sales

Number of Episodes: 257

Duration: 3-5 mins for each segment

Level: Intermediate

What Is In The Podcast?

The podcast covers four road topics. Every marketer must know these components to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive environment. The four sections in Marketing in Your Car include:

1. Funnel University Monthly

This part contains all the best publications of Funnel University, an online course by ClickFunnels. The podcast discusses various segments in the magazine. If you cannot read the magazine, tuning in for the discussions in Marketing In Your Car ensures you do not miss out on any critical advertising ideas.

2. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels has grown to be a popular marketing tool for all successful marketers. It is growing in popularity due to its ability to make digital advertising easy. It features as the second component in this podcast. Russell discusses how one can best utilize the program to pursue their objectives.

3. Perfect Webinar

The podcast discusses how marketers can leverage various webinar funnels to meet their targets. Russell talks about how to manage them, determining your prices, and restricting access to paying visitors. All these discussions can help you host a successful web-based seminar.

4. Funnel Immersion

This program discusses how you can start building and running successful funnels. It talks of strategies and method you can employ to leverage them to take your marketing goals. Russell extensively discusses the steps you must take to prosper while using ClickFunnels.

Why You Should Listen To Marketing In Your Car

There are many benefits of listening to Marketing In Your Car. They include:

1. You Learn Marketing From An Expert

The podcast allows you to learn from Russell Brunson, a successful advertiser. You will learn about his experiences, challenges, and crucial tips you need to succeed as a marketer.

2. You Can Leverage ClickFunnels To Attain Your Objectives

This podcast extensively discusses funnels and how you can use them to pursue your goals. What a better way to learn about the best marketing services provider than from its co-founder? Russell shares his vision for the company and how entrepreneurs can use his organization to increase their lead generation and smoothen online purchase processes.

3. It Saves You Resources

The podcast is free, yet it shares the insights other people pay for dearly. Additionally, it has brief segments with each having valuable lessons. You can spare just ten minutes a day to learn, and you will get useful lessons that can improve your business.

Podcasts continue to flood the internet as people are looking for ways to make money. However, quality dwindles as more and more shows appear on the internet. Listeners often waste time listening to programs that either recycle content or offer no helpful advice.

Marketing In Your Car is not in this category. The creator, Russell, shares valuable insights and experiences that entrepreneurs must have to succeed in the digital space. Get yourself a copy of the podcast and learn what you need to do to be successful. Is ClickFunnels safe to purchase from? yeap!

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