ClickFunnels vs Thinkific: What’s The Best Online Course Platform?

Every business has to take advantage of all the leads it gets to boost its income. You need to ensure that you put in place measures that will transform your potential buyers into paying clients. There are many steps that prospects need to complete before they become actual buyers for your online business.

Successful online businesses are taking advantage of sales funnels to meet their goals. While in the past enterprises struggled to create online sales funnels, many programs are available to help entrepreneurs develop them today. You do not need to have any coding skills or spend money to get funnels for your business. ClickFunnels and Thinkific can help you build your sales funnels quickly. However, which one of these options should you choose?

What Is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel comprises a sequence of steps meant to convert prospects into paying clients. The potential buyers go through various actions in different pages of your site to complete their purchase. Integrations with other accounts, such as PayPal and Shopify, allow them to finish purchasing activities without leaving the sales funnel.

Relatively affordable programs like ClickFunnels and Thinkific have made it easier for regular people to build sales funnels. By guiding customers, you improve their shopping experience, which increases their likelihood of completing purchases and returning to your online shop.

Steps Involved In Sales Funnels

The following steps are what your customers will follow while in your sales funnel.

  1. Your prospect visits your landing page after seeing your referral or advertisement
  2. You offer something valuable to incentivize the individual to sign up to your email list
  3. Start sending captivating emails to the prospect
  4. Your emails convince the potential customer to buy your products
  5. They click the link in the email which takes them to a section for order placement then payment
  6. You customer proceeds to a page that confirms their purchase and appreciates them


ClickFunnels is a popular marketing tool that online marketers use to streamline their operations and drive up sales. Its co-founder, Russell Brunson, is a renowned marketer who formed the company in 2014 to help entrepreneurs sell their goods online.

The company’s services comprise sales funnel building capability. You do not have to be a coding guru or spend as you did before you knew ClickFunnels. A simple plan by ClickFunnels provides you with everything you need to build successful sales funnels. Testimonials by past clients show that every investment you make on ClickFunnels yields excellent returns.

How ClickFunnels Works

ClickFunnels allows you to develop sales funnels. You can build your funnels on the platform quickly or use their templates. Customization is easy and does not need coding skills, just follow the simple steps their learning materials provided.

Integrate your account with other platforms to improve the experience of your clients. Analytics enables you to track performance and know the areas you need to change.

Features of ClickFunnels

1. Sales Funnels

ClickFunnels provides your business with crucial sales funnels. Choose between their templates and customizing your sales funnel. The development process is straightforward. ClickFunnels portrays excellent flexibility that makes it easy for you to have what you need.

Having a sales funnel is a valuable asset for your business. They will improve the experience of your customers by taking them through logical steps in their purchase process. Customers will love the purchasing activities on your platform. Increased customer satisfaction level makes buyers likely to return for subsequent acquisitions and turn into a positive referral source for your online shop.

2. Learning Materials And Support

Are you not confident about using ClickFunnels? It can be scary to put your scare resources on any of the programs that ClickFunnels offers, especially without knowing how you will benefit from them. ClickFunnels recognizes this struggle and is ready to help you familiarize yourself and benefit from the platform.

The 14-day trial period gives you a glimpse of what ClickFunnels entails. Hundreds of videos, texts, and webinars are available to help you adapt quickly. ClickFunnels has a support system that includes an online community and service reps that are available to help you in case you encounter any difficulty.

3. Integrations

Your online operations require services from different platforms. You need PayPal for payment processing, Shopify to set up your online shop, and possibly Aweber to manage your email marketing campaigns. These programs have been producing results for you for a considerable period. ClickFunnels allows you to integrate them to improve your processes for your clients.

ClickFunnels can integrate other software. You can link it with your payment processing software (like PayPal), your e-commerce site (like Shopify), and your email marketing services provider (like Mailchimp).

Your package may also involve actionetics, an automation program for email marketing. Connecting these accounts is simple, and there are many tutorials available to guide you through the process.

4. Analytics and A/B Split Test

Businesses set targets that their marketing efforts need to meet. It does not matter how you perceive your campaigns, how your customers respond to any of your strategies is the most crucial thing.

Tracking is an excellent way to gauge the response of your clients to see whether you are meeting your goals. Determine your key performance indicators and use them to determine if you are on track. These evaluations should help you improve.

ClickFunnels provides analytics and tools that you may use to gauge your performance. A/B split test enables you to have a glimpse of how your market will react to your design or campaign. You may also integrate your ClickFunnels with Google Analytics to measure your efforts.

5. Share Your Sales Funnel

ClickFunnels allows you to share your sales funnels. You can copy and distribute their URLs. Sharing them increases your reach, which boosts your chances of earning higher revenue. Potential buyers that click on the domains will proceed to the initial step in the sales funnel.

Cost of ClickFunnels

Besides the 14-day free trial, ClickFunnels has two paid plans. Evaluate the price, your needs, and the capabilities of each package before settling on the right one for you.

  • Startup ($97 per month) – has up to 20 funnels with each having a maximum of 100 landing pages. You also get A/B split test function, up to 20,000 landing page visitors, and you cannot follow up on potential customers when they exit your sales funnel.
  • ClickFunnels Platinum ($297 per month) – has unlimited funnels, traffic, and landing pages. You get extra training materials, A/B split test, and you can follow up on potential clients that abandon steps in your sales funnel.

They also provide Funnel Hacks (costs $997 for six months), and Funnel Hacks One year (goes for $1997 yearly).

What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is a comprehensive marketing services provider that targets edupreneurs. It allows them to create funnels that help them sell their online courses and learning materials. As the world is moving away from traditional classrooms, online classes are gaining popularity as people seek convenience and quick knowledge.

Thinkific enables course developers to have simple steps for their customers. This simplification makes customers happy and increases their likelihood of returning and rating the business well.

How Thinkific Works

Thinkific enables online courses content creators to sell their stuff and get enrolments. Sales funnels help potential learners choose to subscribe to your lessons or buy the learning materials you offer.

They guide them through all the actions they need to complete before they obtain their learning materials. Thinkific enables you to earn consistently via the sales funnels.

Features of Thinkific

1. Site Builder

Thinkific allows you to create appealing web pages for your campaigns. Your visual impression influences how your products perform in the market. An excellent layout intrigues your potential buyers to check out your stuff, which is likely to increase your sales.

You can modify elements such as font styles, text, URL, and colors. Upload multimedia content and arrange them well in your pages.

2. Support

Thinkific has a standby support team that will help you whenever you encounter problems. If you do not know how to take advantage of the platform capabilities, there are enough tutorials and other learning materials that help you familiarize yourself with the program.

There are online communities that should encourage you through their experiences with Thinkific.

3. Integrations

Thinkific allows you to connect your account with over 1000 other programs. You can link it with your payment processing platform, email marketing service, and more. These integrations simplify the experience of your customers and improve your sales.

4. Analytics

Track your performance using the tracking capabilities of Thinkific. Measuring how you are faring is crucial for showing whether your efforts are yielding the expected results. Improve in areas that metrics show you there is room for improvement.

Thinkific Pricing Plans

Thinkific offers a free plan. It allows unlimited users and up to three courses. If you like the products and services, you may upgrade to any of the following packages.

1. Basic Bundle ($49 per month) – offers unlimited courses, integrations, promotions, and scheduled courses.

2. Pro Bundle ($99 per month) – besides the basic features, it offers prerequisite lessons, a randomized question bank, and assignments. You may also provide payment plans, completion certificates, and access advanced HTML editing.

3. Premier Bundle ($499 per month) – besides the other features, it provides email white labeling and add-ons.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to answer the critical question: between ClickFunnels and Thinkific which one’s a better choice? Both platforms offer quality customer experience.

Thinkific will be a better choice for you if you’re just getting started as an online business because of its flexible pricing plans. However, ClickFunnels is the best funnel building software if you’re planning to build highly converting funnels and create value for your customers.

Both platforms allow you to manage your own affiliate programs. Its easier to compare and choose between ClickFunnels and Thinkific when you have a list of goals you want to achieve. Analyze your needs and see which of these programs provides you with the best chance of meeting them.

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