21 Best Sales Funnel Examples In 2019

A sales funnel is one of the best marketing strategies that you can implement to drive more sales to your business. Making one requires a lot of creativity, and sometimes you just run out of creative juice. You do not know where to start, so it is a good idea to look at some examples of the best sales funnels that helped other companies succeed.

1. NetFlix

No one thought that a company like this would defeat a giant called Blockbuster. If you go to the site’s page, you will immediately see what the company offers. It offers as many movies you can watch, and you are in full control if you want to stop subscribing to the service.

The great thing about the sales funnel of Netflix is that the service is clear. Also, the pricing matrix is easily found, and the details of the conract are easy to understand. You know what you are paying for, and there is a 30-day free trial. After clicking the 30-day free trial button, you can now see the plans and choose one, and then start watching movies wherever you are.

2. ClickFunnels

This company offers a service where you can build your own landing page, and sales funnel. Naturally, it must be able to present its business in the form of a sales funnel. Otherwise, nobody would believe its power.

If you look at the landing page of ClickFunnels, you could see what the service is about. You can create beautiful sales funnels and convert leads into customers. It has a video of what the company offers, and as you scroll down the landing page, you will see some statistics like the number of users, contacts, funnels made, and processed money.

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Scroll further, and you will be able to see how it works,  what services you can get, watch a demo, try the free trial, and read the FAQ.

3. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a website tool that allows you to track what is happening on your website. It gives you tools like a heat map, scroll map, overlay, and confetti. If you use these tools, you will know how your customers are scrolling on your website, which part they stay the longest, and other things that can help you fix what is broken.

The sales funnel of Crazy Egg does not tell you this. The only thing it tells you is that it will help you fix your website. The only thing you can do is to type your web address and then click on Show Me My Heatmap button. If you do that, you will need to provide your email address.

This kind of funnel works because it leaves you curious and with no choice but to give your email address and create an account. Then, that is the only time you can see the pricing and the services you can get. This works because Crazy Egg will only get leads of people who are really interested in the service.

4. Lead Pages

This is another company that offers sales funnels as its main service. If you look at its landing page, it tells you right away that it will help you turn clicks into customers. It is very clear that it targets online business people who want to increase their online sales.

It is effective because the message is clear, plus the landing page has all the information you need.

On the landing page, you can choose to watch a video, or choose to jump right away with the 30-day free trial. As you scroll down, the landing page explains how it can help you increase your sales, what it can do for you, what kind of services like pop-ups and alert bars you can use, and you can even browse templates.

5. Grasshopper

If you go to the main page of Grasshopper, it will show you the different pricing plans. It is a straightforward sales funnel where it asks you to sign up for an account right away.

But before you do, you can check the kinds of services that you will get for the plan you picked. And if you scroll down, you will see a summary of the services you can get like business texting, voicemails, custom greetings, WiFi calls, and so much more.

With this landing page, you will be attracting only those leads who are looking for phone services. Plus, you will find the FAQ section at the bottom, and this tells you what kind of limitations there are on the service.

6. Drift

Drift is a chat software. People who use this are companies that need a chat software that their employees can use. The top of the landing page tells you right away that the service is about connecting people. The menu is easily accessible, so you can jump the demo and pricing if you want to.

If you scroll down the landing page, it shows you what Drift is about, and you can find several case studies that you can read. There are also diagrams that will show you how it works, and you can automate your chat and sales funnels with robots.

The landing page makes it clear that the service is about making sales, and improving the way you generate leads, convert traffic, and what platforms are available to you.

7. CoSchedule

This is a website that offers a new way to organize your marketing and planning activities. The landing page tells you immediately that you can organize your marketing efforts in one place. There is a 14-day free trial if you give your email address, and you do not even have to provide a credit card to subscribe to the free trial.

If you scroll down, the site will explain the two main products that the company offers. The page is divided into two columns, and each product has a checklist of the services you can get, and how you can benefit from it.

It is an effective sales funnel because it is simple and direct, which will easily convert leads who are interested or are looking for an organizer software.

8. AutoGrow

Once you get to this landing page, you will notice that each slider tells you that this business is about farming. At the top right are the list of products and solutions, plus a page dedicated to explaining why you should choose them.

If you scroll down, the landing page shows that the product is for growers who want to modernize their farming methods. It also shows several services like an automated greenhouse, indoor growing, protected cropping, and many more. You can browse each service to learn more, or you click the Contact Us button for inquiries.

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This is an effective landing page because it does not force you to buy the expensive equipment. At the bottom of the page, you will even see a link where you can buy the products to help you in your farming business.

9. Planscope.IO

Planscope offers a service where a consultant can have a single place online where his team members or partners can store data, plan, organize, and communicate. At the top are the features and the pricing, which you can easily browse if you want.

If you scroll down, you will see that its users have charged more than $8 million dollars. You will also see that it is a software for consultants, made by consultants. In several areas of the page, you will see a green button where you can sign up for a free trial, and this same button is available on the pricing page.

10. Mixergy

This is an effective sales funnel because the color choice is bright and bold. It also shows pictures of world-renowned business people who use the service, so this is a great social proof. The company offers interviews, and courses to help business people become better entrepreneurs.

Here, you will be buying a service that is educational in nature. You will learn from mentors, all of whom are successful in their own business industries. The top of the landing page starts with a question about something you do not know that successful people do.

The only way you can learn that is by clicking on a button, which is locked. You can only unlock that if you subscribe to the company’s email list. Plus, you also get access to nine interviews that you can watch anywhere.

11. MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the leading providers of email collection services and email marketing tools. Its sales funnel is one of the best examples because it challenges the reader what to do to grow his business. On the landing page, it shows case studies and links how other companies grew their businesses.

Clearly, the company is offering you a way to increase revenue. And if you are looking for a service like this, you will know that you are on the right page. If you scroll down, the services offered are clear, along with the features and benefits, plus you can easily access the pricing plans if you click on Pick a Plan.

12. GetResponse

The landing page of GetResponse is effective because right at the top, you will see that the offer is about automating your marketing efforts. Anyone looking for this kind of service would know that this is the kind of provider he is looking for.

The top page also makes the free trial visible. And if a lead scrolls down, then he will see the kind of services offered, and expand a link that will show all the solutions and services he can get. There is a testimonial on the site, too.

13. Perfect Audience

The sales funnel of this company is a great example because the person who lands on the homepage will see a free trial. You can also see that the service is targeting software for online advertising.

As you scroll down, there are thumbnails of services you can click to see how you can use the service for your benefit. There is no opt-in page, but there is a lot of information that a customer can browse. Anyone who wants to try it free can do so, and your free trial is limited to 23 seconds, so you have to hurry up.

14. BuilderAll

The sales funnel of BuilderAll is bold. At the top, you are encouraged to sing up for an account and join more than 40,000 business people who use the service. What makes it an effective funnel is that the home page is some simple.

The site has success stories, and the home page tells you that you can build everything, not just a website. The plans are easily accessible, so you know how much it costs, and you can even compare the difference between the different price points.

15. AWeber

A sales funnel must drive sales, and AWEBER does exactly that. If you look at the sales funnel of AWeber, the first thing you will see is a sign-up page. It is straightforward and asks you to sign-up in exchange for a free trial.

If a lead is not ready to sign-up, he can scroll down, and he will find the different services offered by the company such as building a brand, creating a following, connecting other tools, and many more features and benefits.

16. Mint

At Mint, the best practice you can get as far as a sales funnel is concerned is simplicity. The landing page shows a graph of money, so the lead knows right away that it is about finance. By scrolling down, there are thumbnails of features that shortly explain what you can do with the service.

There are also screenshots of the app, and this is a great way to convince a lead because you are showing your product in action. Further down, the lead can also sign-up for free or take a look at how the service can help him solve his money problems.


iContact’s sales funnel is a great example of marketing. If a lead lands on its home page, there is a large text saying that marketing is made easy and that the service includes unlimited sending. From that banner, the lead already knows that this company offers something different because the service is unlimited.

There is an opt-in box at the top, and you will see that in exchange for your email, you will get 30 days to try the product for free.

18. Thrive Themes

If you want an effective sales funnel, take a look at how Thrive Themes did this. The landing page is clear, and the offer is also clear: it is an all-in-one business toolbox. Any lead will feel that he may have found the right solution to his business problem.

The top right portion only has three links: blog, member log-in, and products. The lead browsing the site can easily click the products to see what is being offered, or scroll down to see what features and benefits to expect from the company.

19. MooSend

An effective sales funnel must immediately show a lead what the company is offering. MooSend does this by putting a bold text about what it is. Below the tag line, you will see a photo of a dashboard, which lets you know right away if this is a product that will help solve your business problem.

The menu on top is also arranged carefully, and one can easily view the features and the pricing tables. If a lead scrolls down, the site offers lots of photos of what the service looks like, how it is used, and there is a newsletter opt-in at the bottom.


This example uses simplicity, and it tells you right away that it has a free trial through the blue TEST DRIVE button. If the lead scrolls down, the sales funnel shows three main benefits to the user, and this is followed by the different features of the service that will help a lead solve his problems.

Further down, one can also see that that there are added benefits like security, and the performance that the company can offer. There are also brand names here of companies using then service, and it adds credibility to the company.

21. InstaPage

This is another example of a great funnel because of its simplicity. At the landing page, you can get started right away or request a demonstration. Both of these buttons are call-to-action buttons.

If the lead scrolls down, there is a rich content of features and services, and each one has a link where one can explore what this business feature can do.


If you need an effective sales funnel, you do not need to start from scratch. All you need to do is to visit sites and get ideas from there. The best sites to visit are those that sell sales funnel and marketing services because they apply marketing techniques to boost their revenue.

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