21 Insane Stats About Email Marketing

In today’s marketing world, there is a greater need for resource optimization. Firms are hesitant about spending a lot without seeing any tangible results. Consequently, they prefer to know a strategy well before committing resources to it. However, if there is one strategy a firm should never have too serious concerns over, it is Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is leveraging emails to promote services and products. Besides, companies use them to build trust, inform customers, and reach out to new audiences. Organizations have been using emails for marketing since the ’70s. Its usage continues to grow as entrepreneurs realize its efficiency.

Are you still not sure about email marketing? Do you need more information before you decide? Here are 21 mind-blowing stats about email marketing that should help you start using it now to pursue your objectives.

1. Half of The World’s Population Has An Email Account

According to Statista, the number of email users globally stands at 3.9 billion people as of 2019. Statista expects this number to grow to 4.4 billion people in 2023. People still have high regards from their emails. These are potential customers for your business, and you need to be where they are if you need them to buy from you. Emails are convenient as users can open them when they want; hence, they can connect with your target audience when it is ideal for them.

2. Emails Remain A Critical Daily Sales Tool

In 2018, close to 281 billion was spent by marketers and received by recipients daily. The findings by Statista anticipate this number to continue to grow to more than 347 billion in 2022. Email is withstanding new entries to the market and competition to continue growing. Its sharp display over the years does not appear to be slowing down; hence, think of how your brand can grow by daily engagements via email. Think of what such reach can do for you; you will have limitless potential.

3. Short Subject Lines Carry The Day

Aweber’s research shows that 82% of email marketers send emails having subject lines with 60 characters or less. The study also asserts that subject lines are 43.85 characters on average. There is no reason to send long subject lines as they may make people fail to open your messages; hence, they may derail your efforts. Besides, lengthy topics may irritate users on small screens, such as mobile devices.

4. Short Emails Guarantees Almost All Recipients Will Read

50% of all emails sent have 300 words or less. This statistic is according to a study by Aweber, which shows these emails take around only 2.3 minutes to read. As many firms turn to email marketing, people’s inboxes are always full of messages.

Think of yourself, how many emails do you receive in a day? People barely get time to read all the emails; hence, you need to be concise and brief. Sending a long email will get people to read your texts partially. Go short and get almost everyone to read yours thoroughly.

5. People Read Emails Everywhere

According to a 2018 study by Adobe, people spend 2.5 hours every weekday at work to go through their email messages. The Adobe inquest also reveals that people spend an extra 3.1 hours reading their work email. Besides, more people also go through the texts when using the bathroom (40%), driving (14%), working out (16%), watching TV (60%), and while calling on the phone (35%).

People are checking their emails everywhere, even astonishingly at work. They make going through their inboxes to be an essential activity. These people could be checking out your business if you act now.

6. Millenials Regard Emails Highly

An Adobe study shows that 98% of millennials check out their emails at work while 87% do it outside work. Millennials are a target customer segment for nearly all businesses. Their purchasing power of $200 billion sets them apart as a lucrative base. The best way to reach out to them is via email. The fact that they check their inboxes out more than any age group makes them an ideal target for your campaign.

7. Email Advertising Has A High Return On Investment

According to Litmus, you get a high return of $38 for every $1 you spend on email. Email marketing remains to be one of the most efficient marketing tools people use. With a mean of 38:1 ROI, you can never go wrong with sound email marketing efforts. Its efficiency makes it an exceptional marketing tool.

8. People Often Open Welcome Messages

According to GetResponse, 82% of recipients open the first engagement welcoming a client and presenting your value. First-time subscribers often look at your introductory text. You can leverage this fact to give the value of your business to potential customers, and get them to appreciate your brand. Ushering them into your directory through welcome offers and discounts can be an excellent place to start.

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9. Email Can Help You Grow

A study by Emarsys shows that 81% of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) use email as their primary channel for acquiring new customers. Additionally, 80% of SMEs use it for client retention. Email marketing remains critical in attracting and retaining buyers. It stands out owing to its reach and direct impact. It betters organic search, social media, and paid search in this front. It also has a high conversion rate, which is critical for growing your customer base.

10. Personalizing Emails Boosts Your Success Chances

According to Constant Contact findings personalizing the email messages you send out ensures they have 29% higher open rates than ordinary texts. Additionally, they have a 41% higher click-through rates in comparison to general messages. Email users love when campaign efforts are tailored specifically for them. Mentioning their names in greetings or your subject line yields better outcomes. Personalization develops their interest in your message and often gets them to do what you ask them to do.

11. Remainders Of Incomplete Purchases Are Vital

Messaging customers three times over an incomplete basket leads to 69% more completion than sending only one email according to Omniscend. It is easy for buyers to get distractions during the e-commerce process. They can add an item to their cart but fail to complete the purchase. Sending emails to remind such buyers that they have an incomplete shopping basket often leads to purchasers finishing their purchase. Consequently, you increase your revenue.

12. Mobile Users Are Taking Over Everywhere

Close to 59% of all the emails people send out are opened using a mobile device. This statistic is according to a Litmus study which highlights the significance of these mobile users. Close to half your target audience open your emails using phones. Therefore, your campaigns need to account for this portion of your recipients. Consider their small screens in texts and images, their resolution, and ease of navigation.

13. Engagement Is Critical For Any Email Marketing Campaign

According to a survey by Adestra and Ascend2 reveals that close to 66% of email marketers pursue engagement as their top objective. The study also shows that 46% of recipients are displeased by passive emails. Data by Martech Advisor indicates videos increase the click rates of your messages by 300%.
Engaging texts are crucial for marketing success. Messages having videos, sliders, GIFs, and collapsible menus look better in the eyes of your possible clients. Gaining their attention gives you a platform for further engagement and conversion.

14. Concentrate Your Efforts On Emails For Gmail And Iphone

Close to 56% of all recipients access their emails via iPhone or Gmail accounts. A study by Litmus concluded that these two platforms are the most popular among email users. As people are quite popular with services from these two sources, you should ensure you account for the two in your campaigns. For example, be aware of the Snooze function in Gmail and entice users not to use them.

15. Your Customers Want To Hear From You

An analysis by Statista shows that 49% of consumers would like to receive marketing messages from their favorite organizations every week. If you are a little worried that an email or two a week is too much, nearly half the people in your directory do not think so. They want to get an email from you.

16. Loyalty Programs Generate More Income

People that come to know a brand via a loyalty program spend about 13% more annually. This statistic is according to comprehensive sampling by National Retail Solutions, which stresses the significance of email-based loyalty programs. Additionally, referral programs are cheaper than traditional ads by up to 90%.
Loyalty programs can be critical for your sales success. These data show that referral customers are crucial for the success of a business. At low expenses, firms can amass massive revenues from loyalty programs.

17. Average Open Rate Shows There Is Room For Improvement

The average open rate is 20.81% across all industries according to publications by MailChimp. Even though several firms regard email marketing as a place where people have succeeded, there is room for further improvement. If companies get this open rate to double, they will generate at least 150% their current revenue from email marketing, which can be a big boost to their books.

18. Emojis In The Subject Line Can Boost Your Open Rate

Close to 56% of brands that put an emoji on their topic have a higher open rate, according to Hubspot. Making a good first impression is essential for the success of any campaign. Emojis are becoming more and more popular; hence, using them resonates and gets on the good graces of their many users.

19. Send Your Emails On Tuesdays

More than ten studies agree that the best day to send emails is on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are the best days to send out emails. The findings of these ten studies show that your texts have more open rate and click-through on Tuesdays. You can connect with your audience and generate more traffic and sales these days.

20. Email Marketing Is A Great Source Of Income

According to Emma, about 59% of email advertisers are happy with the program’s advertising. Besides, companies will spend $350 million this year on email advertising according to projections by Statista.
Advertisers continue to be pleased with email marketing. They are spending more resources to facilitate their campaigns as they know it will return the investments with a fat profit.

21. Your Recipients Are The Best People In Sharing Your Content

Leads from your email messages are three times more likely to share your content than any other leads according to QuickSprout. Your email subscribers can be your greatest marketing assets. This report shows that your email list can turn to an excellent source of positive referrals. Provide incentives such as discounts to people who share your contents and watch your leads grow significantly.

As businesses continue to leverage their ever-growing email benefits, new firms need to start reaping from email advertising enormous potential. While they may be hesitant to take up email advertising, they need to understand that email is a great tool to use while pursuing your sales goals. These mind-blowing facts should help business people start running their email marketing campaign.

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