9 Incredible Stats About GetResponse

GetResponse is an online platform that offers campaign management tools with its core service as email marketing. These tools have proved to help you boost your sales and maximize your ROI. The world is evolving to digital marketing as people embrace digital modes of communication such as social media, emails, and telephone. You have come to the right place if you are looking to boost your conversion rates.

This article will look at 9 mind-blowing facts about GetResponse that will help you boost your sales and grow your business.

1. Online Shop Integration

GetResponse wants to help you create more opportunities to make a sale. You can integrate various online shops, including WooCommerce, Etsy, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and Stripe.

Getresponse can host your products through any of these integrations. You will be able to discern what your customers like and take action. You will be able to offer and campaign for your products through emails, on social media, and through the pages on your sales funnel.

You will get to personalize offers based on client needs. Furthermore, you can automate these offers. Hubspot did research and uncovered that 72% of companies with less than 50 opportunities in their sales funnel attained their revenue goals.

2. Social Media Integration

GetResponse lets you connect your business’ social media platforms to your funnel. This way, you will be able to prompt your visitors to leave you a response which will go a long way to generate leads. Stats have shown that social media will generate a 57% return on investment (ROI). However, your company will only generate 27% if you have not integrated it with social media yet.

GetResponse supports Facebook and Instagram ads. You can share your content across these two social media platforms. You can pay for these ads through GetResponse. Have you linked GetResponse to your social media yet?

3. You Practice Target Advertising With GetResponse

You contribute to the frustration of 73% of the consumers when you offer content and ads that have no relation to them. As a result, in 2017, 142 million devices were blocking ads.

The number is currently still growing. GetResponse lets you appeal to your unique audience. The platform also helps you find a similar audience after you define your target audience.

Try and adopt a consumer perspective as you design your ad on GetResponse to make it more appealing. Autoresponder also helps you pitch items that would appeal to the interest of the previous buyer based on what they were interested in before.

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4. Webinars Are Trendy And Effective

GetResponse has integrated numerous features into a webinar to help your business reach its goals. You can Livestream to social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Here is a list of some of the other features of webinars on GetResponse:

    1. Attendees do not need to make plugin installations.
    2. You can upload and share documents and images during your webinars
    3. You can boost your level of understanding and engagement with your customers if you hold private discussions in the chat platform.
    4. You can conduct polls as your webinar runs.
    5. You can share your partial or full view of the screen to make your explanations clear and compelling.
    6. You are provided with interactive whiteboards to help you brainstorm and explain concepts.


5. Use Landing Pages To Generate Leads

GetResponse lets you set up landing pages for your funnel without having to write down any form of code. They offer hundreds of templates with over 5000 images to integrate. You can build promo, download, or opt-in pages. You can fit your landing pages with timers which will instill a sense of urgency in your customers.

6. Getresponse Has Mobile Access

GetResponse is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. You can also create landing pages that are compatible with both types of devices. You will be able to generate more conversions in this manner. Furthermore, GetResponse has an android app.

You can conduct your funnel and email activities remotely. The app is applicable in instances such as when you meet a potential lead, and you wish to include them in your email list. You will not have to wait until you get access to a desktop or a laptop computer. You can grow your email list remotely.

7. Getresponse Works As A Drag and Drop Editor

One of the most exciting facts about working with GetResponse is that you are not obliged to write down codes to set up your sales Funnel. You choose a template and use the drag and drop elements to design it. You can work on any aspect of your landing page by taking actions such as resize, crop, rescale, reshape, and group. For example, adding images to your landing page requires drag and drop action. Moreover, you could crop it or rescale it to fit.

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8. Use Of Web Forms To Capture Leads

Web forms usually come in the form of sign up pages. They help you collect your customer’s details such as email which will enable you to initiate contact. GetResponse offers various types of web forms, including Feedback forms, online course sign-up, Event sign-up, order forms, newsletter sign up, seasonal forms, and blank forms. Moreover, GetResponse offers hundreds of order form templates to save you design and coding time.

9. Marketing Automation Which Grows Your Business

Marketing automation helps grow your business by fulfilling tasks on your behalf and during your absence. You need to build workflows for your sales funnel to achieve automation.

The rules of automation come in three categories.

    1. Conditions: you will set an automation workflow based on the behavior of a user.
    2. Actions: you will set steps that your workflow should fulfill depending on certain conditions also set by you.
    3. Filters: they help target actions in your workflow. Filters can be defined by Dynamic segments, range, and amount.

Getresponse is a platform that is well oriented to help your business grow in many aspects. The features such as webinars, marketing automation, and mobile access. Help you cast a broader net to enlarge your customer base. It is an excellent platform integrated with tools to discern client needs, generate leads, make sales, receive payment, make follow-ups, and automate some functions.

Open a GetResponse account to be able to grow your email list, create templates by drag & drop and get remote access to your sales funnels.

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