How To Create A Sales Funnel For Lawyers

There was a time when lawyers had to wait for clients to come to their office. But now that the internet can connect everybody, lawyers have to use the power of online marketing to make themselves known. This is an important marketing activity, considering that big law firms are active in the online world.

While it is a good practice to put up a website and then list down your services, it is not enough. With a website that has an About US page, Contact Us page, and other types of content, you can build your credibility as a lawyer. Apart from this, one important thing that you must do to get more clients is to build a sales funnel. A sales funnel is a single-page website where you take your potential customer from the beginning to the end of your offer.

To be able to build a sales funnel, you need to have an access to a sales funnel platform. There are many out there to choose from, but one that is highly recommended is ClickFunnels. We will be showing you a step by step process on how to create a sales funnel if you are a lawyer using the ClickFunnels system.

Part 1: Create a checklist

Before you log-in to your ClickFunnels account, you must first create a plan that contains how your sales funnel would look like, what the contents will be, and many other things. This is important, so you do not start building a sales funnel with no idea what content to write.

Here is a checklist of what you need to prepare:

  • A description of your ideal client – for example, if you are a divorce lawyer, then you naturally want to have clients who are facing challenges in their marriage. You do not want to attract those who need help in their corporation because corporate law may not be your expertise.
  • Information your client needs – once you have created a list of your ideal clients, list down what information they need. For divorce, they need paper works, financial analysis or help on how alimony works, help with child custody, cost of your service, and so much more.
  • Client behavior – you need to think about how your clients make decisions. For example, are they very particular on cost? Or are they particular about results? List as much as you can, and then be ready also to list how you can best provide them with some things to make them decide in your favor.
  • Your main goal – you need to think about what you need your clients to do. Do you want them to schedule an appointment, or do you want them to give you their email address? In a sales funnel, you have to think of the very first thing you want to sell, and then create a list of the next types of services or products that you want customers to buy.
  • Your main offer – what makes you different from all the other lawyers? Ask yourself what you can give so the person who reads your landing page will be interested. You can offer a discount, a free consultation, or maybe a free seminar or eBook that informs your potential clients a general overview of a divorce proceeding.

Part 2: Create a Sales Funnel Plan

Once you have the list mentioned above, the next thing to do is to create a plan for how you will do the sales funnel from start to finish. A sales funnel is not just about writing a ton of words on a landing page. A complete sales funnel requires more than building a landing page.

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There are four main pillars to make a sales funnel successful. To guide you, here are the steps you need to take and the things you need to prepare:

Create awareness

This is how you get leads. You can do this by mentioning a problem, and then making sure that the people who get to your landing page would know that you have a solution to this problem. This part of the process is also where you do your SEO, your social media marketing, advertising, and others.

In a sales funnel, you need to use the right words at the top of the landing page to hit your mark. Your first sentence can be in the form of a question, and it must be bold.

Educate people

Your next focus in the sales funnel is to educate people. You can do this by providing factual information on the sales funnel. You can also offer a free eBook that they can read. The most important thing about this process is that you give something to your leads. You can also ask them to subscribe to your email list in exchange for the eBook or free access to free information.

Convince the prospects

If the site visitor is still reading at this part, then it is time for you to convince him why he needs you. This is where you put your credentials, your educational background, the cost of your services, the features and benefits of what you offer, and the testimonials of happy customers.

Make a sale

The last part of part 2 is sales. This happens at the end of the sales funnel where you put your call to action. As a lawyer, you cannot expect people to pay you online. The best thing you can do to make people act is to get that phone and call you to schedule a consultation.

All of these things in part 2 require some skills for words. They must be convincing, and you need to write your sales funnel in a way that takes your leads to a journey from getting to know you, benefitting from you, and scheduling an appointment with you.

Part 3: Create the Sales Funnel from ClickFunnels

If you have all of the requirements ready, you can now log in to your ClickFunnels dashboard. If you are not yet a member, just go to ClickFunnels and register. All it takes to become a member is to subscribe for $97 per month.

Follow these steps to create a sales funnel:

Step 1: Log-in to your dashboard and click on Build Funnel

Step 2: Select your goal. As a lawyer, you can host webinars if you have one, or collect emails. You cannot sell a product since what you want are clients. And you cannot charge them anything unless they have retained you as a lawyer.

Step 3: Name your funnel then click Build Funnel. In this example, we are choosing Collect Email.

Step 4: Choose a template. Then once the page takes you to that template, click on Edit Page.

Step 5: Build the funnel by exploring the different buttons. This is where you will be typing and positions all the words you created in Part 1 and Part 2. As you build your funnel, you need to prepare photos that you can use as a background. Use your office photo, or use free stock photos from the internet if you want to. And certainly, you want to add a photo of yourself in there, too, to make your landing page credible.


A sales funnel is an effective way to generate leads if you are a lawyer. This is much better than building a blog. A blog can attract people who are looking for legal opinions, maybe because they want to learn, but not all of them need legal services.

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A sales funnel will only attract those who need your services, so take advantage of this marketing tool, and use ClickFunnels, so the process of building one is easier and faster. At $97 a month, you can easily get this money back from a single client who will retain your services. This is much better than sitting all day in the office, making cold calls, or waiting for a client to come through that door.

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