What Is GetResponse Autoresponders?

Your email list is a priceless asset. Like all assets, it needs careful management. One strategy you can employ to manage your email list is sending out a well-crafted introductory email once someone subscribes to your list. Immediate engagement can help you make an excellent first impression and effectively kick start your interaction with a potential customer.

Getresponse Autoresponders delivers for 43% of email marketers ranking it 3rd among the most popular variety of email marketing communications.

What Is GetResponse Autoresponders?

GetResponse is a program that sends out messages immediately someone opts into your email list. It allows you to craft your emails in advance either by customizing your templates or using the programs’s samples. It then sends each one out as people subscribe until the cycle ends.

GetResponse helps you to automatically manage one-to-one interactions with your recipients. Once you set instructions for the GetResponse Autoresponders to follow, your emails will be going out on a set day and time to a contact who has subscribed to your email list.

GetResponse Autoresponders reacts to imports, and contacts you add manually. You must check the box whenever you add email information or to begin a cycle on the day of subscription. This setting is vital in getting your autoresponder cycle to start.

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Benefits of Autoresponders

There are several benefits of using GetResponse Autoresponders. These benefits include:

2. Quick Template Edits

The program allows you to modify existing templates to suit your communication goals quickly. You can opt to use autoresponders, drafts, and existing newsletters. Alternatively, you can create your autoresponders from scratch. You can send unlimited messages daily, no restrictions.

2. Autoresponder Cycle

You have the freedom to customize the cycle. You can set the periods in which your recipients get their emails. You an also bar messages from going out on certain days and change the sequence for recipients. You may also schedule emails to account for different timezones and target ideal times when people check their emails.

3. Access to Data

You can edit, duplicate and preview your autoresponders. You may also check email status and statistics such as the users on a specific day of the autoresponder’s cycle.

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How To Set Up The Emails

From the dashboard, click on the menu and choose Autoresponders. To create your first message, select “Create Autoresponder” on the page for managing. Enter the details as follows:

  1. Key in the name of the autoresponder message
  2. Choose a day for the autoresponder in the cycle. If you choose autoresponders to begin on day 0, your recipients receive your message a day after they opt-in.
  3. Select a list for the email that your contacts subscribe. All autoresponders in a cycle need to have the same directory.
  4. Choose when the messages go out. Your options include the same times a person signs up, after a delay of your choice, generally within 1 to 23 hours, or enable time travel which delivers at the local time of each subscriber.
  5. Select the days you want the autoresponder message to go out.
  6. Opt for “choose an existing message or create to build one from scratch.
  7. Save and choose to publish if you wish if you want the autoresponder messages to start going out as soon as someone opts-in your email list.

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GetResponse Autoresponders allow you to send out an email once someone opts into your email list or you add their contact information to the list. Through the email, you engage the potential client and make a memorable first impression. Several firms can benefit from autoresponders, such as travel agencies and online coaching entities. You can send unlimited messages on the days you want. Start using it today, and take your email marketing to the next level. If you would like to know more about workflows and how they work click here.



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