Who Owns ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels? Does the name ring the bell?

If you have spent some time in the world of online marketing, then you are likely to be aware of ClickFunnels.

After all, the name ClickFunnels has now become synonymous with sales funnels.

From being utterly complicated to exceedingly time-consuming, building a sales funnel has always been one of the biggest challenges of online sales. On top of that, if you don’t have viable technical skills, you are likely to face plenty of problems.

To solve these problems for once and all, Russell Brunson created ClickFunnels, an excellent marketing tool that helps you build sales funnels, market your product, sell and deliver online.

One of the most amazing things about Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels is that it was created without any venture capital funding. This indicates that Russell Brunson owns most, if not, the entire company.

Russell is, without a doubt, one of the most successful marketing entrepreneurs today.

Hear it from the man himself, how he built a multi-million dollar company and brought revolution in the world of online selling:

Like so many successful, inspiring entrepreneurs, Russell wears many different hats.

Before becoming a businessman and founding ClickFunnels, he was a marketer himself. On top of that, he is a best-selling author and has sold over 250,000 copies of his marketing books. His books have inspired thousands even millions of entrepreneurs all across the world (as is apparent from the number of copies he has sold). Over the decade, Russell has earned more than a million entrepreneurs as his followers and acquired a net worth of more than $37 million.

How It All Began

Russel Brunson has always been a marketing enthusiast. When he was barely in his teens, he used to wait for commercials because for him, they were the most entertaining part of the television.

Further down the lane, in his college years, Brunson started to sell potato gun DVDs.

What started off as a hobby turned into an obsession and began his foray into digital marketing and sales. After that, he quickly climbed up the ladder to become one of the top digital marketing professionals in the world.

From generating 1.5 million leads within a period of six weeks to consulting, t-shirts, books, and coupons, Russell has done it all.

Brunson came up with the idea of ClickFunnels in October 2014 to combat the time-consuming and complicated method of building sales funnels. The main purpose was to enable marketers, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals who are not coders and designers build attractive and feature-rich pages inside sales funnels to increase their conversion rate and revenue.

Having said that, Brunson also cannot be credited for the massive success of ClickFunnels. For the development of ClickFunnels, he put together an excellent team of some of the most talented individuals.

ClickFunnels, which is a software as a service (SaaS) business, is run by designers, tech gurus, marketers, and brilliant sales professionals.

He co-founded the company with Todd Dickerson, who is also a developer.


What Does ClickFunnels Do?

Your sales funnel decides whether you would be able to convert leads into sales or not. However, building a sales funnel requires designing several landing pages, which includes hefty coding work, graphic designing, and more. If you are barely starting out with your online selling endeavor, the process becomes expensive, not to say extremely complicated.

ClickFunnel solves this problem by helping new entrepreneurs create beautiful landing pages using its amazing features like drag and drop editor. Simply put, it allows online sellers to customize and edit their landing pages and add all sorts of content, including images and videos. You also have the option to choose from countless pre-existing templates that will help you build an effective sales funnel on the fly.

ClickFunnels Users

This revolutionary sales and marketing tool has garnered a user base of over 93,000 entrepreneurs who are leveraging its power to market and sell their product(s) and service(s).


Moreover, it has created more than 5.40 million funnels and processed over $3.8 billion.

This is a huge deal, especially for a startup bootstrapped just over four years ago.

There is no doubt that ClickFunnels has revolutionized the way landing pages are built and at the same time offers tremendous values.

Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent features of ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels: Key Features

1. Affordable

Incorporating all the bells and whistles individually in a landing page requires a whole lot of time and resources. You need to hire an expensive programmer, a graphic designer, a credible coder, and more to execute the funnel properly.

ClickFunnels has eliminated all these requirements by enabling people with even elementary computer knowledge to set up a sale funnel on their own, with little to no hassle. Earlier, what used to take days can now be done within minutes.

The pricing plans range from $97 to $297 per month, depending upon the features you require.

2. Efficient

ClickFunnels offers excellent features, such as robust customization, mobile platform support, and integration with remarkable efficiency. The best part is that everything is organized in a single dashboard, which is exceptionally easy to navigate.

It also comes loaded with preset sales and marketing templates to meet different business requirements. All you have to do is to personalize them to cater to your target audience, and even that can be done quickly through ClickFunnels’ drag and drop editor.

ClickFunnels also comes in handy when it comes to converting websites into mobile-responsive pages. Moreover, it provides support to different screen resolutions to make it more user-friendly.

3. Highly Reliable

ClickFunnels empowers its users to do almost anything without writing even a single code. Its feature-rich tools offer a reliable alternative to expensive coding tasks required to create highly converting and attractive landing pages.

It allows you to create sales funnels for any campaign to market and promote your product. They are then hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and backed by CloudFare Security to ensure ironclad security.

4. Intuitive

One of the best parts about ClickFunnels’ is that it is a customer-friendly marketing tool that walks you through the entire sales funnel. It makes the customers sure-footed and helps them make the best possible decision in order to garner maximum results.

This sales funnel building tool is intuitive in a sense that its functions don’t end even after your audience leaves your landing page or website. After the visitors are long gone, ClickFunnels follows up with them automatically. It allows you to engage your audience and finally convert them into regular customers.

Through its features, you can deliver a personalized and laser targeted message to your potential customers via text, emails, social media channels, desktop notifications, and more.

Russel Brunson: The Philanthropist

Russel Brunson believes in giving back to society. His business operations are customized in a manner that whenever a new sales funnel goes live, a dollar automatically goes out for charity.

Aside from his charities in the US, many of his programs are also aiding indigents in the African subcontinent.

Through his involvement in several philanthropic activities, he had managed to build and run several schools in the African subcontinent to promote the cause of education. On top of that, Russell is also fighting against the menace of sex trafficking.

Learn more about World Teacher Aid here:

Final Words

A successful business idea is always about solving the most complex problems in the simplest ways possible. Russel Brunson has managed to achieve the same with ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels has simplified the problem of creating amazing and feature-rich landing pages by eliminating the dependency on coding. More than that, Russel has incorporated cutting-edge innovation and intuitive solutions to make ClickFunnels one of the leading sales and marketing tools in the world.

Brunson’s success is an inspiring case study for budding entrepreneurs who want to achieve success in the digital space. He proved to the world that if your business idea is worth the salt, then you can quickly develop, market, and sell a million-dollar product without the backup of any venture capital investment.

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